Three years ago I wrote a poem
Shaming people for using "love" so freely
I now realize my error and malady
Which I must now begin to remedy

Love is not something to be saved for a special occasion
Or hidden away until the perfect moment arises
To spew out in hopes of being reciprocated
Only to be deflated and emaciated

During the times you're dejected and sad and scared
I will be there to raise your broken spirits
And when you make your unhappiness known
Understand that with me you're not alone

I'll jump up and down, shout from a rooftop way up high
I love your dress, your shoes, your hair, your eyes
The way your face lights up when you hear that one thing
And how your laughter is greater than any silver bell's ring

My heart is full and my arms are open wide
Ready to give so much away
So that others can see just how brightly they shine
And bask in a love that they can call "mine"

I will scream and shout and make myself heard
So you know you're enough and loved in return
Whether we've just met or known each other for years
I want to wipe away your hot, unneeded tears

You are capable of love and I will fight for this truth
Though you only see the negativity surrounding you
Wandering around with no hopes in sight
I want you to know that you will be alright

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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