My Old Friend

Dear my old friend,

I’m sorry I betrayed you; I forgot how to save you.

But I promise I’m still here, somewhere…somewhere…

I know it’s been a while, but what I’d give to see you smile…

Just for a minute, it’d be worth it, so, so worth it…

I know we’re out of practice, but I can’t help but hope that this

Can be how it used to be, and even better, maybe…

I know it’s hard to trust me, I let you down immensely

But can’t you see I’m trying? Can’t you see me crying?

This isn’t just about you; this has affected me, too

And I’m determined to make this right, to find our old dim light

And rekindle every flame I ever had restrained

In the name of who we are, in mourning of every scar

I vow to protect you now, in every way I know how

I’ll be by your side with everything we decide

I promise you forever; there’s no such thing as never

No mistakes in our book, there’s purpose in each step we took

And we’ll walk on together, making each step better

With love, unconditional, and loyally unpredictable,



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