Just Wondering


United States
32° 41' 34.6236" N, 97° 5' 14.9856" W

Have you ever just sat in a nice, quiet place
And thought about random things?
Like if you can eat in Heaven
Or when do the people who work on holidays
get a break?
How about why you're so emotional
and why does music speak to you and through you?
All of these things I think about.
I wonder about the
How, When, Why;
Who, What, Where
of things.
I realized that
sometimes you just have to
let your mind wander.
Your thoughts are what make you
unique from everyone else.
They are the things
that make other things happen;
ideas that come into fruition
and make a difference.
So, stop reading this poem
find your thinking space
and spend some time
just wondering.


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