We clip our own wings


We may not think that we are strong enough

Let someone try to tear down our identity, and that fire will burn up everything daring to block its path, let alone doubt its power

We may think we aren't smart enough

But let a situation threaten our lives, and we'll find a way to get out of it

Why must a situation or incident that threatens our livelihood, our prosperity, or our soul be the only thing that proves stereotypes, our enemies, and even our lack of self confidence to be void.

At the lowest points in our lives, when we have no where else to go but up we become, super heroes

We meaning those of us who have any will to survive

Why do the hard times bring out the absolute best of us?

Why do we live off of our potential like its the best that we can give?

Are we afraid of failing or are we just lazy?

We honestly don't have enough courage to jump,

Or enough faith to believe we can fly,

Or enough confidence, to think that even if we don't fly, it's going to be the most graceful fall we've ever taken

Maybe we are comfortable living off of our potential to be great, comfortable only satisfying others

I write not only for my own satisfaction but so that others through that attraction will catch the flame and hopefully never be the same

See sometimes we hold ourselves back, we keep ourselves down, we clip our own wings

And these things that we've been trained not to see, can be exposed amazingly, because I write

Because I sing, Because I dance, Because I laugh, Because I cry

Because through my activity I speak stregnth and positivity


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