The Backwards We Live In

Look at society and see the reflection in the mirror isn’t finished.
All because you weren't "blessed" to meet the criteria of the "image"- 

Straight teeth, long hair, size zero waist, 20/20 vision.

Instead, you’re “you”- basic, average, ugly.

Instead of beauty you have intellect, which is disgusting.

The art of intelligence makes you a primary target
To being bullied and ridiculed, spiraling deeper in your own darkness.

Straight A's in class but having the most trouble in school
Why, you ask? Because the "popular" kids see you as a fool,

Getting beat up regularly because you study at home.
A future CEO but in the present time you live all alone.

Nobody understands the pain and torment you go through
They only see what you as a "nerd" or "geek" want them to.

But find a place of tranquility and reside there for life.
For even when you have money, your life still won’t be right.

You need to see that life is nothing more than what you make it,
Ending with you in an open casket; starting with you entering this world naked.

Never let the society use labels to describe you
Because it's what you think and know that will one day define you.


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