The girl who overcame the darkness

The happy children show bright smiles everyday,

Whereas the sad ones fake their smiles everyday,


Many saddened ones do not make it too far,

They feel they are not worthy,

Or they have no friends,

One little girl in particular,

Felt at a loss for the world around her,


She cried everyday,

Feeling alone,

Feeling abandoned,

Feeling Depressed  She fought abuse, At home, And on the playground,


She had no real friends,  She felt she was just all by herself,Slowly crying,Slowly dying, Yet she is still here,Unchanged,She thinks of suicide everyday,She thinks of the darkness everyday, No one notices her,No one wants to, Through the days of silence and lonliness she stands,She holds her head high, feeling the strength of overcoming the depression, She brought her own light,She lit up her own heart.



Well I'm, quite upset, my poem won't come out correctly.

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