'Flawless' is of flawed design,

I am not perfect, nor are you,

But knowing that my flaws are mine,

And that they've made me strong with time,

I praise myself where praise is due.


In childhood I stood so still,

For I was told that I would break,

From any move that I should make,

But endless will taught me to take,

Those icy words without the chill.


Through my father's iron grip,

I did not bow to ease the blow,

I ran far from cruel words so,

That In time, I would come to know,

My own worth, (T'was quite the trip!)


I came to love those flaws condemned,

By a sick man, cruel and blind,

To kindness and to my quick mind,

It seemed futile, but now I find,

That from my flaws, I came out gemmed.


So I cannot say I have no flaws,

I wouldn't change that for a thing,

From them I've flown on lighter wing,

Learned to laugh and learned to sing,

And for THAT, I deserve applause.








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