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My reflection stares back in pity
I reject it
And then it hit me;
The truth is
No matter how much they sell
My legs won’t grow and my lips won’t swell
My cheekbones won’t rise
And my chest will never be perfect size
The only lesson I’ve learned from this is to prioritize
What’s truly important and to never compromise
To meet the standards of someone else’s eyes
Advertisements and magazines,
The devils literature
The idea of beauty in society is only a conjecture
In it is written how love yourself, that is until you turn the page
New mascara and creams that will mask your age
Praising women of beauty almost unreal
Instead the should preach
To never worship another human being,
For they are no better than you
It may not be easy to believe
That you are only as beautiful as you perceive yourself to be



This is really good.

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