Sinking Sand


United States
39° 20' 33.6012" N, 77° 56' 22.5492" W

Where do you see the sun rise in a sea of sinking sand-
When the hand of God is closed and death is so close to being a demand?
It's warmth beats down, taking its prize
Shouldn't it not be so much of a surprise
To you- the one- who searched for the sun
Underneath all your sorrow like a loaded gun?
Aren't you tired of carrying your weapon?
Isn't it time to "carry on", stepping
Into the sand and letting yourself go?
Suddenly all the world is your river to flow.
Let the emotion take your soul...
See the sun set in the sinking sand
But feel Lucifer crawl into your skin you poor measly man.
For "all other ground is sinking sand"-
All hollowed ground shows sunken hands.


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