This Goes to You


This goes to the people that think life's not worth living,

Everyone who's found out that the world is unforgiving.

The people who have searched their whole life for love,

Just to find that no one thinks they're good enough.

This is for the lost, the broken and the weak,

The people who are falling from the highest peak.

This goes to the guys who are falling apart,

This goes to the girls with a torn and broken heart.

To everyone who's ever seen tragedy at it's worst,

To the scared, the outcasts and the hurt.

This is to everyone who's sick of their life,

I just wanted to say that it will be alright.

I've been there too, and now I am fine,

All it took is some hope and some time.

Keep holding on, you won't always have these scars,

Just remember when it's dark outside that you can see the stars.

They light up the night, like hope in a world of pain,

You will find a way to break out of your chains.

This is to everyone who feels they can't live another day,

Listen to me, I promise you that you will be okay.


Some Sort of Interesting Person

Wow. Really awesome. "The people who are falling from the highest peak" has got to be my new favorite line.


Thank you so much :)

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