Devouring Reflection


United States
38° 14' 8.6496" N, 85° 46' 55.3512" W

I see fear and despair.
Hours of worry and lack of sleep appear.
I see cracks and blemishes.
They cover the frame
Only growing over time.
They creep, slowly inflicting pain.

Looking in
I want out, an escape.
Tired of trying and sick of hoping to recreate.
I see cracks and blemishes.
Just on the surface
Only growing over time.
They creep, slowly making everything worthless.

Looking into this
It’s hard sometimes, looking into this.
Sometimes I don’t like what I see, but I can only wish.
That those cracks and blemishes
Won’t cover the surface
They are growing over time.
They run, quickly devouring my purpose.

Looking into this mirror.
What can I do, what can I find?
Happiness and beauty are there I just have to realize.
I see cracks and blemishes.
They cover the surface
But they are going away.
They creep, but will they leave me wordless?

Looking into this mirror.
I see fear, despair and worry.
I’m tired, so sleepy.
I’m sick as can be.
I see all of this,
But I’m waiting, just waiting to see me.


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