Mirror Mirror on the Wall


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They say mirrors don’t lie, but do they tell the whole truth? Can they see the inside, do they reflect the real you?

A princess once asked,

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

The mirror replies,

“Well you WOULD be, if you weren’t so tall, or maybe so small, if you weren’t so skinny, maybe if you were thinner, you’re getting a thick around the middle, maybe if you lost the hips, had plumper lips, straightened your hair, put a little make up here, a little there, I see some wrinkles around your eyes, let’s not get started on those thighs, maybe it’s the way you dress, you should show a little more flesh, wear some make up, get more sleep, exercise more, watch what you eat, wear some contacts, your eyes are so plain, get a tan you could use a few shades, if you just forget everything, and focus on that face, I’m sure the next time you ask I’ll give you your place, you’ll be the fairest of them all, a real princess with grace”.

The princess glared at her reflection, and squinted her eyes, “but mirror” she said, “didn’t you look at the inside? My father, the king, says that’s the real prize, that’s where the real beauty lies, not on the outside, where people wear their disguise, where they cover up the truth with lies, and wear layers of makeup to hide what’s on the inside. Mirror, Daddy says, I should be proud of the body He assigned, that I am perfect the way He made me, and there was no flaw in his design, that it is Him who decides, the color of my hair, skin, and eyes, and He loves me more and more for who I am on the inside, not the outside, for He made me to reflect Him in all, it doesn’t matter if I’m short or tall, so if your intention was to see me fall, it looks like I’m still standing for the long haul, you seem to have been deceived, maybe you should give daddy a call, because quite frankly mirror, at your response, I’m appalled, so I have one last question for you, if you can answer and not stall… Mirror, Mirror on the wall, do you tell the truth at all?”



Hi, i'm Magdalina Nikolaeva, i'm form Bulgaria, and i'm taking part in BEST, that is competition, where young people present different pieces if prose and poetry. So my question is can i use your price ,,Mirror, Mirror on the wall" for this competition? Because i need your permission

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