This is about my pathetic crush

This is about my pathetic crush


The victim is sitting across the room

I look over once in a while


squirming wih embarassment

admire the nape of its neck



why is that so appealing?

It is a mystery 


my hormones are raging

like a tormented bull


The patch of hair

growing there

under its cute ponytail

the flick


swish it occasionally submits 


I squirm my god 

I like it all

for no absoute reason but




I gulp


avert my eyes

you must understand that

I only look for a second

but I do so periodically



when class is dismissed 

I avoid 

at all costs

following its hips

Because their is categorically

no way on earth

I can do so



I don't want any trouble

or blows to my self esteem

So I just 

that nape

definitely the nape




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