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You tell me I’m pretty, but what if that is what I don’t see.

You tell me I’m smart, but what if that is what I don’t feel.

You tell me I’ll go far, but what if I grade myself as only subpar?


Not applicable. Not applicable.

That’s what I look like.


You say I make you laugh, but what if my comments are mean?

You say I have a heart, but what if I tell you it’s falling apart?

You say I am sweet when tart describes me better.

How long have you known me? Maybe the word is never?


Not applicable. Not applicable.

That’s how I feel.


If you looked at me on paper, all those comments,

Maybe they would be real.


I see, hear, and feel all different things,

And when I look in the mirror only sadness it brings.


I want to see what you see.

I’d trade my eyes for yours.

The things you say right now,

are what I cry at night for.


I can’t tell you why I can’t see what you see.

It bothers me each day that I fight to see me.


Not applicable. Not applicable.


Those words are written across my back.

A brand I marked myself with,

because esteem is what I lack.


Not applicable. Not applicable.


Are the words I fill my head with.


I can’t explain my frame of reference.

I can’t explain my preference.


Not applicable. Not applicable.

That is what I see.

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