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What am I to do? when everything around seems to fall apart. When those that I love are filled with malice and regret? What am I to do? when the dreams that once flew high with wings of freedom are destroyed and fall to the ground like birds with no direction. What am I to do? When the promises that once fueled my passion are broken into pieces of disappointment and despair. What am I to do? What am I to do? When friends turn to enemies, enemies turn to Gods that have power and control over the emotional aspects of my life and well being. What, is a man to do?

I live. In spite of the disappointment. I live. Even though promises have been broken and betrayal is all I see. I live. Those pieces that have been broken and destroyed, I pick up and carry them with me as a reminder not of where I've been but where I'm going. A reminder that even though the pieces of life may be destroyed and thrown to the ground, as long as air flows through my lungs and and blood through my veins. I have the power, opportunity and obligation. TO LIVE.


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