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Jack Schwartzman had one daughter and three sons.This producer died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 61.Sadly, he lost his life thirty years ago today.His family mourned when he passed away.
She slips on her left shoe, Before I ask her for a hug, She squeezes me with all her might, But it felt just like a small bug, I tell her with a soft tone, As she walks up to the door,
Lung cancer ended his life, that's a terrible thing to go through.He starred as the bully who beat up Clark Kent in "Superman II".In 1977, he starred in "Martinelli, Outside Man".
I remember how much Dad suffered during his final days.After months of receiving chemotherapy, he passed away.Regular chemo stopped working so they used a more powerful version that made him feel worse.
When I close my eyes I can see your face Your pain harden soft wrinkles That once caressed you gently Heavy weight
He starred in "Newhart", "Bosom Buddies" and "Baby Makes Five".Sadly, his life ended on October 22, 2021, he was unable to survive.In 2020, Scolari starred in a movie titled "Looks That Kill".
In November of 2011, Dad was told that her was terminal and wouldn't survive.He was diagnosed with Leukemia and he passed away at the age of sixty-five.
DADDY’S LEAVING (AGAIN) Fri, 06/25/21 - 7:40 PM By Debi Lyn  
Dear Mommy,   It's the third Mother's Day without you I miss your beautiful smile, and your laugh   I could count 1000 things I miss about you and it wouldn't count for half  
When you left me i was alone. I felt betrayed , lonely, and scared. I didnt know if you were alive or dead or if your heart still played the same keys that mine did.
couldn't you have waited just a little bit longer? I only wanted a chance to say goodbye
Hey mom, its just me, its Mr.B, the runt of the litter of 3, yeah its your family!
It started with doubt, hesitation, a pause Then a leap headfirst into the unknown One single jump changed every little thing One single moment became my passion   A beacon of hope and unbridled joy
When I was young, each day was so incredibly filled with possibility.Each moment burst with fresh emotion so bright and furious that it burned out all feelings prior to it.
if five minutes where dem last five minutes of my life   if i died in five minutes i would   kiss my kid hold on to my wife i'd call my mom   forever forever
I can’t go in. The smell of medicine that isn’t working, Desperately masked by overwhelming sanitizer that stings my nose as I inhale. No sunlight makes its way through the windows.
Dasher, Dancer, Smoke a pack Prancer, cancer Hit the sack. One day you'll wake And realize you Need to stop For their sake, too.
Good bye uterus You were ridiculous Crying bloody tears for years For years You tried to kill me today I said no way Hysterectomy
Ten years old, Wearing a medical mask In ICU. Seeing your Father, Your best friend, Slipping away. He suffers from His liver corroding From trying to combat The alcohol he drinks.
He died 25 years ago today, which is a quarter of a century.He produced 'Never Say Never Again' with Sean Connery.He was born in 1932 and was a man who people would admire.
Lying in bed wondering what I could have changed The outcome of the day when you took your last breath and God called your name.  I wanted you to stay and didn't understand why it had to end
Change, I never preferred Change, I just didn't like the word But somethings cannot be controlled I learned that at just eight years old On a December day I was diagnosed
I truly never thought it'd be me, 'cause as a kid all my cares were free. So when she looked me in the eyes and said chemo starts soon, my heart opened up to the emotional wound.
Like a mystic, he lifted me by my flexing throat And read my blood for signs of death. Morse code against my neck told how I was to die. I saw the slides with slivers of my spirit.
How long would it take For an anchor to sink? How long would it take If I was the anchor?   What if the waves crashing above Were the daily struggles  I was meant to face  
My little brother has a mass in his brain they said it was cancer he looked up to me expecting an answer  3 weeks later  he can’t talk 3 months later he can’t walk 
Today marks the day of triumph. The battle against cancer, finally over. Months and years of trekking up endless mountains, Only to find another one blocking your path to freedom. Your body battered,
Do not leave your house, my loveYour face is rather petrifyingI will strive to push and shoveI'd rather you be dyingCancer came and took your eyeTook your self-esteemKidnapped your pride
I remember your brave face through all the pain The day you told me, I tried to remain sane.   After that news I cracked I felt like a car hit with sudden impact   Somehow you had such strong will
You smell it in the air Lurking trying to find you It has tooken the life of your brothers and sisters Your mother and fathers It has infected the world with disease 
10   My first normal day in years If you could call it that I’ve been in and out of hospitals With test and treatments and monitors and ivs
Those hazel eyes reflected her smile, The tiny feet ran to me, A jump into my arms was all it took, And my little girl in blue was she.
My Buddy. He's gone. My Pal. He's gone. My Coach. He's gone. My Example. He's gone. My Support. He's gone. Cancer, I hate you. His Pain. It's gone. His Suffering. It's gone.
When I was five Life was just beginning No worries or doubts Just kept on living Life began to run short As a wolf came by I didn't know how long I had left Only that I might have to say goodbye
Hi Gramps, It’s me again. I just wanted to tell you  That I love you. And That you’ve shown me
It can turn a beautiful and bright creation into a dark and crippled ruin It strips away ones will to live Effortlessly eating away at a harmless vessel that contained a soul that was meant to live Not die 
Wide awake yet deep asleepInside my mother it had waitedInside my mother, just skin deepNothing it wants but just hatred
Slowly growing, only you don't know. You feel fine until you don't. A strange feeling, but you're not sure. Quietly killing you while you smile on the outside.
I always knew my aunt was a fighter  Since she was a little girl she had been fighting for her life, suffering in health, but exceeding in everything else
At thirteen, I needed school clothes Friends Braces Likes on my facebook posts a bike a boy to like me the best halloween costume the world had ever seen  
Half a decade ago today, Dad ceased to be alive.Five years ago, Dad died at the age of sixty-five.He was a hard worker, he could have outworked two twenty-year-olds.
White robed skeleton They had to lift you - three or four at most How did it feel to be so powerless? You could barely speak and I forgot the words How does it feel to only wait
I wanted to write a poem about music, but I understood that it is better to write about something true rather than something you feel good about. Now. My mother, she, she has always been there for me. In the highs and lows of my life.
While glaciers calved Blowing cold winds cutting to the bone  My friend was melting   While whales breached onward to warmer seas Manifesting new life as rebirth will forever be My friend was melting 
Teeth gnashing, ripping, and tearing through your body - ripped apart from inside out. An internal violent assault - this is what Cancer's about. Carrying with it, anger and cruelty-
"I'm crying for no reason" she told me when I asked. I felt like I dealt treason when I continued no further.   "I'm crying for no reason" it rang through my soul. I was much too young
You were the happiest most wild person I’d ever met. Seeing you always brought joy to my otherwise lifeless life.
Dear Shaina Marie,  
Colorful fire crackling On dry Michigan wood Campfire smell filling my nose Arms wrap around me Holding me tight I hear little voices Singing songs of rolling hills And the taps on shoulders
Dear Mom,   That day was the scariest day of my life.   I remember that word   Cancer.   It meant my world was crashing   Down around me   And nothing would be the same.
Ghosts giving up on rolling gurneys Play quite the sadistic melody Wounds weep like the souls dying to live I tread through the river
I couldn't save you, My friend. Whose smile was big and great, your eyes peeking out over the moutain of cheek. Your short hair that you tried so desperatly to grow out.  
Dear, Osteogenesis Impefecta All my life, you break me You crack, shatter, compund, and fracture my life. I hated you, hours of surgery, years of hurt, a lifetime of scars. Then, you changed me For the better
It’s been 1325 days since i found out that you passed away and i didn’t cry then but now my eyes are carrying the tears that are hanging on by a needle and thread.
Letters to the Streets Of Gold   Once, I wrote a letter. Plastered on the marble-slab-smooth surface  Of a helium infused spaceship,  The letter soared on the wings of a red balloon. 
Dear Beautiful: From then until now Your scars still show Your tears are dried and when people speak it hurts. Dear Beautiful: You think you are so unnatractive
I remember every piece and every bit like it was yesterday Hurt me to my soul hearing bullets cought you 'round the way  Stayed on my toes for some hours, yeah I had to pray
Dear Grandpa, Doc said your lungs were black Probably from those sticks you put to your lips We warned you and so did the packages But you chose to ignore us
Your mother eats her emotions in the first floor cafeteria Just down this hallway and to the left I collapse into the injured brown chair next to the bed
Laying down in the plastic donut for half an hour gives you time to think. It would be nice, usually, to be left alone with your thoughts for awhile.
“Follow me, my child” you said with a smile in your kind, wise eyes “Let me show you how to heal” And you did   “Follow me, my child” you said with a gentle outstretched hand
I know that look in your eye. That you want to cry, that you’re scared to die.   But have no fear, Dear. Do you know why? All your troubles will pass by, I promise you that is no lie.
To Missense I only write letters to family though estranged, that you still are, after all You’ve run in the blood
Dear Lost but Not Forgotten, My ears cease to listen to your voice There is no sound of your talking because there is no you left to speak My eyes cease to look at your bodily figure
Upright. Marionette smile plastered on a crumbling face But Still Upright.   Brain full of tears Dreams dashed to no more Doll parts scattered On The Dirty floor
I remember when I heard the news. It was hard for me to follow. I remember when I went to see you, My mind was still and hollow.  
Dear Sophia, I love you. Because I love you, I'll text you in class, although Mr. Roberts isn't very fond of it. Because I love you, I'll cheer for you at tennis practice, even after coach blows the whistle.
Let me paint you a pictureI’m sitting on the edge of a cliffmy feet are hanging offand my hands are placed on the edgeone on each side.There is a nothing holding me backfrom shoving myself off this cliff
If my dad had lived, he would be the big 7-0.On this day, Dad was born seventy years ago.Seven decades is how long he would've been alive.But leukemia killed him, Dad did not survive.
Because I love you, I could stare forever at your smiling face, go to a movie and the only thing I see is your eyes. Because I love you, I take you out and we enjoy everything the world has to offer,
You were my super hero You held me up when I was weak You protected me from the darkness You wiped away my tears
Head hanging over the toilet as your body rejects all hope of living When I said I loved every cell of your being I lied. I do not like this cell that stole your show your smile. your laugh. your hair. you.
Because I love you.... I won't betray, and I won't delay to say everything that a woman should say.   Because I love you, I will let you know,  the person you are and the person I know
    I remember the anxiety during the drive there The way the sweat raced from my forehead to my cheek I remember how that awful place looked like a villain’s secret lair
I miss you, why did you leave me?  Was it time for you to go or was it just time for me to grow?  Did you know that you had to go?  Because I wasn't ready for the show. I wasn't ready for the pain. 
Once upon a time there was a girl named Shea;She was sweet and happy and had lots to say. One day she was prancing through the forest so gay;A troll rolled its eyes, “here she is again on this day”.
Once upon a time she was locked in a tower,  a tower drowning in hope. A tower with one fight and lots of power.  A tower only used to mope. With beautiful blonde hair, with a bright, white smile,
A single drop hanging high.Within reach of your view,you cautiously buzz near.
It's hard to think that something you loved, Something you took for granted, Is slowly dying. It's hard to see how much it hurts, and wish there was something you could do, yet all you can do
I remember a time when I felt no hope When all of my dreams just went up in smoke. It was the day they told me he was sick And there might be a few things he couldn't help but miss.  
I’ve been avoiding writing a poem about you
A creation of our mind runs deep, so overwhelmingly deep at times Right at the moments you need it to be silent, the screams of sorrow and sadness echo throughout the corridors of the mind
My biggest fear Is to one day never see someone again And to never know what ever happened to them Whether they remember me If they ever became the person they dreamed If they decided to pack up and move
You don’t realize until it happens, that a person can die multiple times without once being resurrected.   You don’t realize until it happens, that a heart can break endlessly without being glued back together.
A terrible year That’s the least you could say With every doctors that looked at me with sadness To the words that suddenly came out “You have cancer”
From her head down to her toes, She was skin and bones…and tumors. As the first month commenced, so did the malignancy. As the flowers blossomed, so did the pain. Choking on pills surrendered its threat, for
20 years young Prime of my life Goal driven Motivated  Bed by 10 every night Nothing can stop me Nothing can hold me back April comes  Family gathers  To hear news
A rose is adored when in bloom, encouraged when unfolding,             welcomed when a bud,                         and rejected when she wilts.   We admire her beauty and bask in her sweet scent,
Oh, fear. Oh, pain.  How we had each other's numbers. Oh, fear. Oh, pain. How we knew each other so well.   How you sought me in the dark, In the night, in my sheets.
The words echoed in my head."Mommy has breast cancer."  Tears.Here and there they fell, yet always in secret.The helplessness consumed me.A picture of death branded into my mind.This lasted for weeksand weeksand weeks.Grades fell.I stopped eating.
A year ago my dad died My mom is fighting cancer He's still gone She's still fighting cancer Life is hard We're still living Adjusting to a year without you We're still making it
Stage 1. Effervescent. Energetic. Enlightened It chose you. But you go on, and on, and on, and on, Hairy. Happy. Hopeful You have your own ribbon of color now.   Stage 2.
If I could have one hour again with you, I would ask how Heaven was, if that was what they called it.  I would ask if you were sad, or scared or mad when you left. I would tell you that we missed you, 
 Cancer.    You have probably heard it everywhere. The news, the papers, your neighbours mouth or even in your head. It is associated with fighting. It is not simply a fight. It is a battle.
My 2016 started off great He was home, even if it was late. Supposed to be back last July, But that was before they thought he would die. He's been in and out for the past three years,
When I was little I loved pink Pink was the color of princesses and love Pink was the color I was supposed to love Pink was the color every girl should love Every girl should want princesses and love  
Glaring signs of a distinct curse Lies a boy, whose life is tortured by strings He wished it were guitar strings At least, the girls, he would get But all he got were gills, Artificial gills!!
My neighbor's wife is battling cancer and she needs your prayers.Please show her that you want her to get better please show that you care.Her name is Jane Webb and she's undergoing chemotherapy.
I found a faded photograph  Of my grandparents Not the grandparents you’ve met My grandmother who died of cancer The one I’m named after My biological grandfather who killed himself
Going through the motions of endless time There was nothing else to do but cry She had left so suddenly 8 years of cancer eating away at her bones She left one springy May day
On the drive home, I noticed all the children racing around playgrounds, people walking their dogs, everyone being able to go about their lives while mine had been completely put on pause.
But I always knew of the pain in my clan, Of the burden that sat on the shoulders of my blood. I learned to walk on thin ice Never felt she was mine to feel
She went at 53, And took a part of me She probably didn’t know I’d come But, too bad, life played her like a drum.  
Her name was Grace But he called her Gracie. He said it in this tone of voice Like when a child sees a flower That had just bloomed in the beginning of spring.
Surrounded with love Not a worry in the world Until one day, boom.
  ‘Today’ my mother says, triumphant, ‘we are bottling peaches’. When I ask why, my mother tells me that it is ‘our tradition’ As though I have bottled peaches before. I have never bottled peaches before.
In 2013, we heard she had cancer, Unfortunately, there was no answer. However, her life was so rich and so pure, we knew that we had to find her a cure. We started looking, "We have to find something,"
In 2013, we heard she had cancer, Unfortunately, there was no answer. However, her life was so rich and so pure, we knew that we had to find her a cure. We started looking, "We have to find something,"
In 2013, we heard she had cancer, Unfortunately, there was no answer. However, her life was so rich and so pure, we knew that we had to find her a cure. We started looking, "We have to find something,"
So full Of life and color Happiness Surrounded her   Every time You saw her smile She would feel you with warmth And never let you hurt   The girl I met
Poetry is my entry, it is the sound of my breath. The sound of my unrest. Poetry allows me to inhale the world in one big gulp And feel the vibration of her soul carry the weight of my nervous heart
Your will alone, and none of my own.Whether healing or loss, I look to the cross.All You have planned, I may not understand,But I still trust in You, for that's all I can do. Since You know it all, on my knees I will fall.Every night, every day, I
Blood seeps into every corner, every edge and every turn of my nails and for every heartbeat that echoes in my rib cage   voices starts to yell.  
I might forget the days we woud fuss, But I'll never forget the day you left us. A knot in my throat and tears in my eyes, Soon enough you flew away like a butterfly.
There are dark days ahead they said to me as I sat in a room A room full of white that had just brought bad news I struggled to understand how to go from here Is it true? I asked my eyes full of fear  
She screams in silence, But no one can tell. And her experience with hell, Has her contemplating self violence She sobs to herself. Her superman, her father, Dies, her life forever altered.
7 Days Later I wore your clothes for the rest of the week, even your baggy floral underwear. I wore your bathrobe, hoping to be clean,
              I am seven years old and the luckiest girl in the world.             I sip tea with fairy princesses             And spar with pirates.
The building blocks of life The puzzle of our being Fitting together is perfect harmony. If one goes wrong The result is complete catastrophe. Multiplying and dividing at an enormous rate
How do you tell a 5 year old someone's gone? How do you tell a 5 year old their best friend left? How do you tell a 5 year old a role model has disappeared? How do you tell a 5 year old a loved one is dead?  
This Monster is death This Monster takes your breath  This Monster no one can truly fight This Monster has one hell of a bite This Monster you never see This Monster is killing me
I’m doing a puzzle and thinking about how we spent the summer after your first chemo sitting next to that ugly, old table mom loved so much; about how we spent those first shitty months summoning all the strength we had to put on a good show for N
Strength is about determinationthe power one has when things get toughFighting through the frustrationand remembering that life can be rough
My best friend, memories are kept with me. Why’d it have to end?   My successes I send, flying free. My best friend.  
My best friend, memories are kept with me. Why’d it have to end?   My successes I send, flying free. My best friend.
My Mother's Day gift was Hodgkin's Lymphoma. They say it was the chemotherapy and radiation treatment that saved my life. But they're wrong.     It was the meals that were brought to my shocked family
You were never normal; your funny faces and your clown jokes Your red nose always hidden in your pocket in case I needed a laugh
"I love you Grandma!" I said hugging her knees Little me knew her value even then Her warm hugs Her white hair Her eyes that squinted when she smiled That nose that every Ramsay shares  
It's labored breathing and breaking heartsIt's not know where tostart with goodbyesIt's teardrops and achy chestsIt's losing the only reasonyou had left.It's sick daysand sick leaves
With silver venom flowing from his torn lips That suggested he might do the same He told me his mother had died of lung cancer Yet before I could question the lit cigarette
Why are they so happy It’s not like he’s coming back I think this is dumb   They are all really old Like, boarding on ancient
Mother lives a simple life, Stay at home mom, Stay at home wife. Two little girls, Ages 9 and 13,  Filled with love, And filled with dreams.   Mother fulfills all of our needs,
I have a person in mind while I write this poem She battled cancer for years and at first she won But like the return of a storm and the vengeance of a brother, when it came around again it overcame and overtook her.
Who are you? What is your purpose? What do you want to leave behind?  Are you a fly on the wall, or a lesson to teach us all?   Hey little fighter, things will get brighter. Just wait and see.
She lies on a colorless bed, remaining silent Her chest rises and falls softly, the rest of her body motionless Strange, bulky machines occasionally beep, randomly stirring the silence So young, so innocent
A place of life, and a place of death. A whisper in your ear, feel their breath. They’re gone from the white walls and hard bed. Faded into nothing, they’re dead.
I don’t know what he thinks. Does he think nobody notices? Does he think he acts the same? It’s always a secret, he never lets us see him drink. He’s good about that. But does he not understand
In your mommy’s world You were always her little girl. Quiet nights hands were lurking, Brother’s cold hands froze you in the night.
Liz   It’s in the morning that I think of you I can’t seem shake the feeling in my chest Though I thought I was breaking through
Endless tunnels going where? Voicemails left on my dead phone Burning through November air   Tired eyes and windswept hair Hazy buildings, moonlit stone Endless tunnels going where?  
We were locked in combat, there could only be one winner. The ropes of the ring, close in. My opponent steadily watches me. His face, taut and glistening with sweat.
A lady came up to me today, She had lost both breasts With soul in her eyes she spoke of a savior. Naive promises of saccharine salvation and loving embraces  Coated her tongue. "It’s too good to be true"
Cancer, I want answers Oh, Why did you hurt me so?   Cancer, Like a tiny dancer, I have been weakened, Why do I feel mistreated?   Cancer, I hear the banter,
My life: Wake up  Fight with mom to take me to school  Math- can we stop now? Lunch- alone, content, Youtube Euro. History- like a soap opera, i love it Come home, fight more, homework, shower
I am broken and scarred, Emotionally wounded and hiding it, Since I was young I was told emotions were weakness, I told no one about the darkness slowly consuming me, An oily thick black substance,
You starred as Batgirl and as the green babe in an episode of Star Trek.You died of breast cancer and your fans and family's lives are a wreck.Breast cancer is a big threat to women, it's what many have died of.
Cancer. The word itself is a cancer, Igniting fear and disgust when discussed. It is a thief, Stealing happiness, hair, hope. Cancer stole Dad. But this thief defied itself. It gave.
Grandmother lies there withering Writhing in pain The venomous blood Slithering through her veins   Doctors and nurses float in and out She never wavers Until she thinks I am gone
  Dearest Love.
My Grandma’s Strength Your days span almost a century, Reaching back into misty foreign times Now only a few have seen that Which your eyes have witnessed Harder times, simpler times  
loving you is a cancer to my soul
Hand to cheek Whispering streams Flicked away with solidarity   My father lives Thanks rooted to his soul Fragility pinned to his heart 2/3 cut away from his stomach
I didn't believe. What happens when you die? Is there a heaven and hell or am I living a lie? I didn't believe. You see stuff on the news. You figure none of those things can possibly happen to you.
that horse of a fly
It spreads from my lungs To my heart. It spreads like wildfire, And I'm no longer safe. Your love is like the cancer Flowing through my veins. But they can't remove you.
How does a heart beat? Is yours slow? While we laugh at  the best moments of our shared time.  Why did you wait till You were dying to  finally find life? 
One word
The sky lays low tonight like a blanket of a flag on a deceased man eagles fly no more and the world we once knew is covered by a blanket of dew But that dew isn't water
Why did I get so offended when someone talked about cancer or aids 
I'm glad i have a chance to see you today. It's all good man, i got you some grapes. You smile and send a nod my way, It feels so good to see your face. Your touch is weak, the doctor says you cant speak,
Metastasizing in my grandfather was the horrific monster The monster that has fought relentlessly to win mercilessly Its grotesque figure has combatted many From my granddad, to mother, to me
She never smoked, She still got cancer, You thought you could avoid it, You would just not think about, Not talk to her,   They said she'd get better, She never did, Merry Christmas!
I am made of sticks and stones. I rebuilt myself from those I found Strewn about the kitchen floor, Remnants of your drunken tirades. My bones felt hollow When I learned that yours
They say good come to those who wait, Thats a lie cause you feel pain everyday, You constatly loosing your hair You don't won't your family or no one too see you that way Cause all they going to do is stare
Waking up from a dream feeling all bubbly While everyone else looks  at the world humbly I get out of bed everyday with the thought That today and no later is the day that I ought
It was unexpected ‘cause I was just a kid. Bike rides and doodles of a man-eating squid.   Those pretty days were spent on the lawn of my school, laughing and gasping
Sixteen at last,
Day one, It's okay. The days pass, weeks inch by, But it all seems to move too slowly.
I look at myself in the mirror.
Breathe in, breathe out.   You can take my hair, you can take my blood; take my happiness, but never my love. You can take my memories, you can take the good times; let me move on, let me close my eyes.
Cancer is scary, Cancer is frightening, but don't worry child, Because I know you won't stop fighting,
The best things in life are given, wisdom, love and peace. The goal is bending without breaking, The answer is to refuse defeat.
The tumor is here The tumor is there There will be pain Coursing threw your vain Don’t give in Because there are two ends
When learning that multiple people in were told that they had cancer they took chemotherapy and radiation. The symptoms from taking the treatments involved nausea and hair loss.
If I die,I want to be there,that tree,behind thosemountains,in the roots.Nextto the bugs Choppedbut grounded.becauseIm not those
  Well she’s not your average little girl She doesn’t see things in black and white And most of the time she lives in her own little world   Just like every little girl She wants to be a princess
You are my growth. 
The cancer came back -- It was strength my body lacked. The "last" round of chemo -- Can it really be though?   What was regression Turned into progression, So, no, it can't be
Ovaries are key in a woman's health What happens when they cause a problem            Treatments can be dealt
Hey  I'm not coming up this weekend  any more Only your brother will be there. okay.  I am sad I don't get to see you me too.  Break is next month though thats not too far away.
Stop it I'm sorry kids But yes, There's no afterlife And we will die You wonder why I did this Melted ice caps and Starved kids As if Because I know  I can tell you 
We fought I left you didn't run after me. I ran to fast, finding a path for me. I threw the bottle and watched it shater. I saw that one piece that shined and went after. They don't know how I stay sane.
Tears fall to the floor Can't fight this feeling anymore Of loss and regret Can't take one more step Because I won't come back The feelings will be intact And I see That I'll be
Are we broken? Maybe, I don’t truly know   But I do know that when she yells out, louder than the rest She leaves my mother asking what she ever did wrong  
When the darkness takes over   He was my hero He was my life The one that saved me every night. The light to my soul The beat to my heart Was how I felt before we fell apart.
She has a pretty face. Her face is not framed by the hood she turns up against the cold
I recorded Every hair That fell like the sky And every pianist Which played a note As sharp as the blade That you used To stroked your skin As a mom would brush
In dedication to a fighter, father, life's hero, and dancer.   Indiscriminately
Everyday it's the same thing I look at you- you look at me, We laugh at all the craziness  around us I text you " Hey " or " i just seen the  funniest thing and it made me think  about you '
My time is coming, I cannot
  Family. Such a  frail fragile thing It is a living ecosystem of aunts and uncles Mothers and Sons, daughters and their fathers. What becomes of this intricate unit when it is disturbed?
Crying in my room. I just want to be accepted. Just want to be loved. I don't know why it has to be like this. With so many people that already can't stand me. How could I ever show them the real me?
It started with just one  
All my life I told you tales about monsters The beasts underneath my bed Always telling you they wanted to kidnap me When in fact they wanted me dead
Family's forever,love is blind.Death's forever,they are blind.
Growing up you took care of me no matter how bad i was you gave me food and a roof and a mothers love from hugs and kisses to beatings and punishment i laugh so much when i think of all of it
She looks at it. It looks at her. Like looking in a mirror. Nature vs. Nurture. She reclines her seat As she watches the breeze Whisk around the palms And give ache in her feet.
You were a great mom You always did a good job You took care of me and my life And you were always a great friend When times had changed I became the mom I began taking care of you
it comes, it takes, like a thief in the night  no worry, mercy... it has no heart you cannot see this entity  with sight this thing that comes has perfected it's art   
The C word is loud It is always in my face So I venture off and find my happy place.   It attacked at my back Fear crippling, questions surging My perspective shifts and memories begin merging.
  Tears flow as time whisks her away Each second her pain escalates, she tries to hide it Grandma hurls as chemo fills her veins, we pray It’s the only thing Grandpa can’t fix with his tool kit  
A little girl with a book on the playground Not the easiest kid to be around   But now things have changed and rearranged Just kidding, I’m involved in the knowledge exchange  
The alarm sounds every morning at 4:30 I look outside but see nothing because it's still dark As I prepare for another day at the job I loath I question why I spend my precious time doing what I hate.
All I wanted was to breathe. Breathe deeper and let it go. Go where I had never gone before. Before.... That's a confusing term for many. Many years ago. One year? One day? Day one. He was there.
Fall, winter, spring, summer   Hymns like an angel Laughter that mingles First year of a new trauma First year of a new drama   Needles and medical poison
In two years I watched my 6 foot, 240 pound father waste away to a ghost At 14 I woke up everyday and went to school knowing he was sick I cried with him when he lost his hair
-I swear, you be messin with people on a daily basis!
Why does everyone want love when they know what it can do to you, it can break your heart so can you tell me why does everyone want it?
Sterling Klein   I look around Noticing the little things around me. That woman over there, Do you see her? She's smiling but her eyes look ready to spill. And that boy,  The bald one,
I don't know where to look or where to go I am lost without you  You were always there for me You led me back to my path when I went astray You fought so hard for so long but it wasn't enough
My 87 grandmother has been through a lot. She’s had five different cancers, Multiple tumors, intestine troubles, and a stroke. She lost all control of her body, time after time. But she never gave up.
At ten years old, Little did I know that a hospice was a place to die. It sounded like hospital. Just take off the a, the l, the t, And tack on an extra c and e. I thought it was another place to get better,
As every family member dies I will always remember the fire from their eyes
I dont ask that you walk in my shoes, or feel my pain, or overcome these issues. My fight is my own. Im built to survive. I live to succeed, and I write to thrive.  
Cancer, seeping through veins, clinging to bones killing our loved ones. There’s no cure, no cure they say but what billion dollar industry would forfeit their top product? 
In a cold dark place, his eyes shiver as if in some kind of nightmarish dream state.
I woke up today paralyzed. 100 and 44 weeks straight and this pain hasn't let up. 26,297 hours. That's three years, and we're going on our fourth.  I tried opening the blinds but the sunlight hurt. My skin,
16 years old on the street Has a baby girl From being a freak in the sheets Wasn't unprotected But, the condom broke 2 weeks later it was positive So she told her folk Her mom was disappointed
I still remember the day, the day i hate the most, the day that turned my life gray, the day you became a ghost. But lets just rewind and tell the story from the start the sad story etched in my mind
I am silent I am mysterious Sometimes you can't even find me, but when you do I scare you! You try to get rid of me and sometimes I fade away But what's gone at this time can always come another day
Cancer   The word wrapping around you like the tumor that continues to move sweeping melancholy through the veins   To young ears such a scary word  
Through high and low Through chaos and darkness Through the depths below and when you've tried your hardest   Be still and know   All the days seem long And the hurt runs deep
Darling, darling, eyes of jewels Kiss me once, deem me a fool Lover, lover, kiss of satin In your embrace, I am a madman   Eternal love given by you As a beauiful curse to me
Grief is a war.
They say everyone has a testimony, and a story that will break your heart. My little sister had cancer. Her hair would fall out and she was weak, so fragile that it was hard for her to walk. I couldn't understand at first why God had chosen her.
Tick tock tick tock Time starts to slip away as you did While I decide on a career while you are gone
Lost the War
My dream job would be: a kid.   Now, that may seem utterly ridiculous. Well, it's "right" to think that, in a way. Experience may say differently to my choice, But first, hear what I have to say.   
I can not feel at ease with so much chaos over seas
Hello my name is well known and will never be forgotten    dont focus on that right now because it is my power over you and your disbelief of it that is important   
Sunlight shines through flowing drapes spreading alabaster swords in all directions. They stab at flooring and my semi-paralyzed body, seeking to fill holes as if pain
They don’t see the sadness in my eyes The way I have to live my life To fit in with them I must change who I am Even though it causes me strife   To be myself would be too hard
With the power to change Only one thing,
If I could change just one thing, without the need to hesitate. It’s the cure, what I would change, To erase your existence from Earth,
As she stands there looking pale,She knows she's slowly dying in her shell.
Cancer is what I would change Uproot its viciousness Remove its threat Eliminate this dreadful disease
Just the mention of your name, sends shivers down my spine You sneak upon someone, like a predator on its prey…CANCER! You attack the young and old, you attack the heart and brain
Spreading, It'll never stop. It's only a matter of time, pop, He's gone. In just one blink, In just one second, In just one moment, He's gone. Cancer, the one thing I will defeat,
I live in a country that is runned by money. Where our government elected officials look out for their fellow rich man.
I want revenge; I want him dead. That's the evil thought running in my head. How could he kill them; I don't understand. Wait a minute. Take it slow. Let's make a plan.
I'm sad, I'm mad, I don't know how to feel. My graduation is coming-
Life Why oh why do you bother me?
It starts small, and unknown. It spreads fast, and now shows. A person stripped of all their glory. Whether new or venerable, A soul's a soul and will be taken.   Overcome by the painful invasion
(This was written for my grandmother Bonnie who passed away from colon cancer) My Bonnie lies over the ocean My Bonnie lies over the sea   She set sail only a couple of days ago
Children should not be so sick so young. As human beings we try so hard to keep them safe. Nothing will stop us from trying to find the cure.
Everything seems so big when you’re only ten So scary, and so big when you’re only ten You don’t understand everything when you’re only ten It doesn’t make sense cause you’re only ten
You ask what I would change about things in my life, today. Why does the world listen to the media and accept what they say? Why doesn’t internal beauty matter to us more than external looks?
I don't know how it feelsTo be given an expiration date.I don't know how it feelsTo swallow sixteen different pills each morning.I don't know how it feels
life without you would be incredible you hurt many people even have taken away our loved ones life without you would make everybody happy people would dance more more family love would spread
Struggling constantly Through this relentless fight This battle won't kill me I will climb past this height   I'm scared of the outcome I fight to overcome it My heart beats like a drum
To help people who
If I had the chance, I would take a stance. Make myself be heard, find a cure. The numbers are soaring, parents are mourning. Lives are impacted each day. But you see, no ear will hear,
It's great to stop caring.It's nice to not cry.The people in the world,Who I have to leave behind. I'm a human grenade.A plane with no wheel.A hobo in the rain,and a no next meal.
Cancer. It's a strong word. Very strong actually.  It's a word that can bring about emotions that are so heavy, even the strongest of people can't hold them. Shock. Uncertainty. Devestation. Desperatness.
It hit us hard. We were not sure what to do. You said you were just sick. We didn't know how serious. "It's cancer," you said. We answered with silence.   
Buttered popcorn, pina colada, Grape, keylime, chocolate pie, All the treats in a Jelly Belly bag.   My mom's nose wrinkles As she bites into the licorice one.
Smiling Breaking inside and out
I wrote for the voices who were too busy to even scream
Pill bottles spread out across the floor Bagged and marked, four hours more Anxiety, Nausea, the list goes on Moments of personality quickly gone   Infection spreads when treatment fails,
Do not give in, keep up the fight when all hope is far away gone bring the bigger dream to sight.   Press on, do not go into the light do not be wooed by the angel's song
She deserves all the world has to offer. How dare I not give back to the woman that gave me life. No matter the situation she was there for me.
Welcome to the malignant hell,Genetic Corruption of every cellThe Internal turmoil, the perpetual. Your Lies are the pain that causes deaththe error in the code which takes your last breath
Eyes cast toward the windowUnseeingPretending to gaze outward, downwardAt patchwork buildings and trafficUnheard through hospital wallsYet you remember the soundLike the blood rushing through your ears
Heroes Heroes don’t have to have “super powers.”
Alone in the chilling void,Feeling emotionless as a metallic droid.Why am I here?Why can't I stop these vast rivers of tears?Never been so afraid, so cold;Yet, I see a fluttering, red light, so vivid and bold.
    you entered this world with your heart beating faint i smiled first at you with little sincerity i didn’t want to fall in love i didn’t want to get hurt in the end  
  Our hands will never break apart
If I could shut up my pride f
You left me on a hot summer morning.
Mary Lou put down the phone Then placed her hand over her heart
The sound was of a riverflowing out to seaMy tired eyes grew worriedas it all came back to me... I saw a facebut it wasn't enough.
Cancer: such a short word. Hidden within those six letters comes a lot of meaning. In between the C and the A is a big thing called faith. Faith in God,
Unbreakable, that's what I thought you were. Never sick a day in your life until after daddy died. Cancer wasn't supposed to take you away like that.
For days and months and years, I hoped and prayed it wouldn’t come to this. As I [grow] older and you do not My heart aches as you choke out the words, “I have cancer.”
Eternity... Eternity, means forever forever greatful will I be greatful I am for this life given this life given is one that has been borrowed borrowed from your radient golden rays of sunshine  
What did I do wrong to make you hate me? Is this the will of God or just of life? Why do you pretend that you are friendly, When all you do is cause a person strife? No matter what the cost, I want you out,
Whichever wolf you feed is the one that lives. How am I supposed to be       positive amidst this mess? When I don’t belong here. When I can’t afford a ride home.
Her heart breaks at every sight she holds her breath tight
Sometimes I get horrible waves of deep, deep sorrow. They come on soft,
Walking on this earth without a reason
  My Brooklyn is Park Slope filled with perfectly aligned brownstones and mom and popshops; It's the kids who constantly invite me to Prospect Park to smoke a joint,
leave me alone you won't understand my mother doesn't even understand people think I'm strong but I'm not help me often I cry alone my thoughts scare me
You see a Face, A Statistic A Number Another name on a list.  But I am MORE      -A Person.
It's a scary word to hear,You wonder "what if" when you hear it.After the diagnosis,Everyday becomes a blessing.My mom has cancer.
There once was a man named Russell, who moved through life in a hustle. He sat in bed with no hair on his head, and rarely would move a muscle.   He whispered so near to my ear,
Sometimes I'm talking to everybody when I say why, why, why? And somtimes I'm talking to no one at all because I don't want your mellow-toned condolences.   I'm scared I don't feel enough, but
Why are so you fat? When you can be just as thin, Some say what matters is within, You say I can't help that.   Have you ever tried? Whats within will surely become broke,
Scientist define it as mutation of cells, a quiescent friend that lingers through your body and helps you but turns erroneous and will never tell. 
As a young girl sat perched upon her bed,
Here for an instant, Gone in a flash. There comes a day, When each must pass. Feel the loss of one another: Mother, father, sister, brother. For this life they cannot keep,
3,014 days since you breathed your last breath. 3,014 days since you last felt pain. 3,014 days I have been given to wonder if making it to the next day would be worth it.
Mama, where are you? I need you to tie my shoes, to help with homework, to shop for clothes. Mama, where are you? I love you because you hold me tight, because you smile and laugh,
An applicative memory draped limply on a coat hanger Wrap it around my shoulders and move on I forget it’s there until I remember When no other words are processing I remember.
One cigarette at a time, your time fell short// A life in desperate need of support??
The Last Night  Her little bird bones grasping for comfort Against one golden laden ring The story book life coming to a close, Now rediscovered by those left behind.
I’m sorry if it’s strange, but I don’t feel right And it’s taken me a while to figure out why. Now it’s hit me, I know why I feel so undone. I’m just not fighting anymore.
An ache in my heart grew as I appeared back in the crowd that following Monday. I had no intentions of being mentally present, of having anything to say.
He never sleeps He only hides He jumps out And yells surprise In the dark When the sun is down Erased the smiles Replaced with frowns Sucks out life Covers up the light
"Well, there's Miss Beautiful," as I approach the porch step Another cherished day - for a horrid illness crept Bold brown eyes, with a happy, gentle smile Every last second was ultimately worth while
Eleven years ago it happened I tried my best to shun it sitting in the church, 6 years old i wondered who done it Cancer was the cause but some how i thought it was mine
You held me in your arms and told me It would be okay. It’s not.   Its been a year since I saw you last. I always know how long it’s been.   A year seems like an eternity
One day you will understand , i promise im not leaving you but ... in reality i have to go ...i want you to know that youre my heart youre my soul more than a grandchild in fact ..
Who is the bully?that walks the hallsall big and badcan you really tellthat his world is upside downthat his parents have disappeared 
Sitting, day after day In a cold boring room, The light bulbs flicker away And the air reeks of gloom.   The walls hold me tight, They keep me in line, Remind me night after night,
It all started one spring Seen a light And my mom on a bed For the first time With tears in her eyes Holding me tight   But two moths ago Something terrible had happened
My parents call me into the living room, My siblings stand with me, My father has been on the phone For half an hour.   I had a surgery last week, We were hoping I had no cancer, We were hoping
I miss you so much I miss your voice and soft touchThe way you comforted me Always offering me a cup of teaI lie to myself everyday I tell myself you'll come back by the end of MayEven though I know deep downYou're never coming back to this townYo
She washes away I see her wasting away I try to catch her, But I know she's gone It eats away at her body, day by day I can't help know she feels alone "WHY!?" I scream No one answers me
It hits hard like a stick on a drum it tears things apart, leaving you numb waiting until you're vulnerable, it takes you by surprise then striking fast it takes the ones, that were always by your side
Although we are apart He is still in my heart. He fills up my heart with love although he is up above. Cancer brought you up there and life sometimes is just not fair. I wish he were home with me
I look in the mirror and see many faces.I see the face of a seventeen year old girl,Shoulder length brown hair and circles under her eyes.Wipe off the mirror with your sleeve,and you’ll see something more.
Dirt that hides itself underneath fingernails.Dry, cracked skin tells a hero's story.Years of hard work leave a calloused palmFirmly hangs on to pride and glory.
I saw a man enter Heaven once; His last breath was Hallelujah The priest showered blessings Upon him,  In the hopes that His Lord, Would receive him  Peacefully. He did. I once saw
  From the second we are conceived we overcome, Not a second in life goes by where we have not overcome, We fight out entire lives, Behind closed doors and out in the open,
What's in a day What makes it goWhy does time passI want it to go slowOne more day with youOr an hour or twoJust to sit byAnd talk with youI miss our early breakfasts
Time will not fix it I promise you that No amount of time Will bring it all back   Time cannot help you It's not something you can take It's not chemically designed
All the radiation, chemo, and every pill,  Through your smile shined such strong will.  It gets harder to breathe every breath of air. You skin goes pale, and slowly starting to lose your hair.
  I feel my toes go numb as my stride lands on the cold bare tile floor. Pondering the plain white walls with my tired eyes I find the window in the far corner.
A beautiful woman in her day Balding from day to day Happiest woman ive ever known But fighting a war that can hardly be seen She gave me a life to strive to And loved me with a heart to die for
Our air was broken again for the fifth summer in a row. The 100 degree heat didn't matter, though. It was his day: 4 years in the making. It was his time to call a new place home. 
In the arms of my survivor She's my one true reviver Protector from evil My safety retrieval   One wink and im taken Born to reawaken To this feeling, To my internal healing  
soft white breadchilled turkeyiced snapping in comfort. i take a bite. yesterday,lunch washomemade.the same stingingsirens.
Taco Bell and diet Cokes Don’t be fooled, It’s all a big joke. “It’s low-fat and sugar-free” Really? You think packaged food is that easy? Pesticides and chemicals
like a cancer—it creeps:   a constant sting at the back of the head  like a cancer— it consumes and i(t) will eithersurvive/kill
I’m at the edge. The edge of the world, and Idon’t know what lies before me anymore.A waterfall at dusk, the stars are near,far nearer than they’ve ever been before.And it is up to me to say how close
Silent yet too powerful to overcomeWe can only feel it when it’s too lateSomething we can’t cure, it can hurt anyoneThe victim’s pains will only escalate
You know when you sit long enough somewhere And your mind begins to wander It wanders to the darkest depths of despair You feel about life and its never ending twists and turns.
A life fully lived exisists inside of the soul that is not afraid to die.
  Your skin so soft. Your love so hard. I am forever a student of your teachings. and until your last breath I will love you. and forever after.    Words could never do your beauty justice.
You're walking home from the store It's burning on the pavement floor You have this sudden urge, what for? To pick it up and smoke it   You've never cared to try it When "peer-pressure" as they call it
There is no deeper struggle in life, than the fight for you to keep on living Cancer is one of the biggest fights, something you can't escape. Towards something so harmful and consuming,
Fallen into the deep Abyss of my dreams.I stand in a valley filled with Different hues of green.An ever flowing river Runs nearby.The sun shines downUpon me.A figure more luminous 
The grass is green and the sky is blue We are young, both me and you We run for days in full delight  How could we know your dreadful plight?  But together forever  Isnt that how it goes? 
Age 5- The girl puts on her Powerpuff Girls backpack, She is so excited for her first day of Kindergarten, By the end of the day she does not want the next thirteen years to come.
Hey God, If it’s Your will to answer, Please let him survive the cancer. If not, hold our hands when It’s time to call him home again.
It attacks like a plague but quiet, you notice it as if its a giant ball in yur body.
One day the sun threw beams on my face,Power ran through me-Body and Soul were one,My breath at a race with the shore I saw in front of me,Beach sand beneath my feet,I forgot about everything except how to run.
She sits waiting Like a desperate clock She waits, for something good For some good news But that doesn't come   She sits waiting Her life flashing before her
I feel it now.  I am going down,  and I can't stop. I always said I wouldn't let the tears fall,  but I can't help it now.  I try to ease the pain,  but it doesn't work.  I feel so alone. 
Never in ones life would they think their own life would be cut short,  But for one girl, she found out that it was her who would soon abort. It was 1989, and she was just going in for a check up,
"Youre suppose to be strong."   Im 17 and Im suppose to hold everything inside, because its not time to let go. My fathers dying of cancer. Todays his 5th week in the hospital. How do you expect me to hold everything without letting go.
Early morning, sun is just beginning to rise No sleep the night before I can barely open my eyes. I’m nervous and at the same time relieved I’ll finally be rid of thee. You’ve been a hassle, you’ve been a pain
Hey Dylan, I’ve been here for you for a while now. But for 19 years straight, you’ve been nothing but a villain. Your love toward me, you disavow.   I didn’t do anything to deserve this. With each puff,
To love a girl as different as me would go against society. Extremely loud and incredibly independent goes against society's judgement Skipping church to find life's meaning leaves the cruel society steaming
Candles cast off their light, And honor those who lost the fight. Never forgotten, forever in our hearts; Cancer can’t extinguish the spirits who depart.
Fire, light, inhale. Breathe, obsorb the poison. Deep breath, obsorb the smoke. Feel The Addiction Take Over. Breathe, obsorb the pain. Deep breathe, obsorb the cancer. Feel The Addiction Take Over.
If time could be rewound, I would rewind ten years past To see you one more time, and tell you what you’ve missed I know you’re up there somewhere Out of sight But I want to hear your voice, I want a kiss goodnight
Oh when the drugs wear out and the crash kicks in painful glares pierce through yout thick skin and it all comes down  to who you are with in not who you try to be, just to fit in
So many battles had came and past,Your step was always unfaltering and strong.Every problem would dissolve considerably fast,Even when your chosen solutions were wrong.
The way you carry on in life; its inspiring. The way you smile through the hard times; its breath taking. The way you rise above obstacles; its motivating. The way you love us unconditionally; its amazing.
C.A.N.C.E.R. 6 letters with 6 words. 6 words with 6 meanings. C stands for Cause. The cause to fight this disease. A stands for Action. The feeling to stop watching others die from this disease and take action.
It's been two years since my father passed away. Your battle is now over, no more tears flowing down your cheek, no more pain, no more suffering, now you are no longer weak.
The room is covered with dust now, dust composed of all of the hair what degraded away dust composed of all the pills you took to make you feel okay dust...dust made of your will that was revoked, and forcefully taken away from you.
  I write for no other reason than I hate that blinking line with its taunting Disappearance And reappearance Its ability To Be And Not to be And then be again.
Looking around, I am the girl that people don't point out, Until that day when my hair started falling out. I was the white girl who lived a perfect life, I had a bright future and a fella to make me his wife.
Often, in unmemorable moments when life is nearly normal, I glimpse your features in the face of a stranger; hear echos of songs we sang together; smell your familiar fragrance
It all started in 8th grade I was desperate I needed a way to let the real me through I felt like all of my friends were failing me I had to put on a fake smile Each day I pretended it was all okay
i have childern i love them so much ill do anything for them give them my life anything but now my body is tainted tainted with disese that damn cancer its taking my life
My eyes are closed listening to the raspy sound of my own breathing. Feeling the feeble beats of my fading heart. I can feel the chills or panic racing up my arms. 'This is it' Three words screaming in my head
What can I say about cancer? I looked to my friends and did not get the answer. It is scary and such a bad cry To watch your mom nearly die. I had to learn to take care of myself And put my feelings on a shelf.
He laid there in his bed Motionless, clinging to life by one single thread His memories reflecting through his eyes If only he had the chance to give one last goodbye So tired and broken, frail and worn out
the sweet little nothings you once whispered are now imprinted in my brain. they are cave paintings on a wall written in forever ink.
Carved cheekbones rise below sunken eyes and pain. Leather skin pale enough for veins to run like lines on a map, lead to a swollen neck wounded by a scar like the Congo weaving into a descent.
hopelessness, helplessness, Define that “mess”. “She’s Terminal” He says. “She’s-- terminal” says He.
Curse Thee! Black juggernaut of sorrow and pain, Planning such a cruel act of evil, genocide. Its slaughter soon shall be greater than Hitler's For the juggernaut strikes every race with hate.
Does it ever cross your mind that one day no one will know your name? Does it ever cross your mind that nothing ever stays the same? Do you ever wonder why time seems to come and go? Do you ever wonder why
Laying in bed thoughts are running through my head. I remember you, I really do I just wish I had one last moment to speak to you. All the times we shared together those memories will stay in my hear forever.
She's the devil He's never done anything wrong. She cuts her wrist and watches the blood. He helps the sick They go to the same school Stuck in different worlds They both want out
The past was unbearable Had you by my side to make life a little bit easier to live Held my hand to help me cross the street Taught me to walk My first words were mommy So what now?
Behind me trails the overcast fading into a storm. I came so far from where I began. Adulthood began with a raging shower packed with lightening, thunder, vigorous winds and darkness.
You held me in 1994 for the first time Since then you fed me. clothed me. And a life full of love and joy Taught me how to be wiser Showed me how to shine my brightest
I sit in a white room It has a sterile fume Everything is without color Including myself, who by the minute feels smaller. However, as if to spite Something interrupts the white A bucket containing blood
I live in a house with a white picket fence. My dog adores me. I have a Mom and a Dad. They love each other. I have a brother. He plays America’s favorite pastime. We go to church. We are “normal”.
March is Colorectal Awareness Month! And here you are, at the doctor’s office once again… So why not be a super trooper And take steps to save your pooper?!
The thought of losing you Makes my mind go blue No more beer No more cigarettes No more smell of it upon your breathe Empty garden Empty shed My mom lies alone in the bed All your jokes are remembered
Times change, place go. Our hearts will crumble, then be restored. The scenery is different, the lights are dim but the reflection of you still holds true. I think of you, I think the same.
She used to be an innocent girl But the devil has changed her Staring in a mirror The reflection is a stranger She yells out to God With tears running down her cheek Praying to become strong
Challenges we face But we make the pace The answers inside they lie But the time we cannot buy Sometimes it takes time Letting it settle is no crime
My eyes are inflamed from what feels like bloody tears, Nobody can shoo away my fears, My face looked unscathed before but now revealing scorched stains, wet and sore.
I remember that sunny day When my world crashed and caved You called me that very morning And your hair needed to be shaved
Northside Hospital: Atlanta, Georgia [Dying Woman Isolated]
Flying with the breeze.... Is a painful tragedy Of a long lost melody, Using the fond memories it brings To conduct my broken heartstrings, Those bittersweet sounds caress my ears
Jerome "Jerry" Armstrong A Fighter Not only in war But in life Fun, Loving, Caring too. You are a role model
Marie. Mary. Saint Mary. Saint Mary, Star of the Sea. My Marie. My Mother of Mothers. I stepped out of the shower scooping up your pink towel. And simply stood.
There’s a star up in heaven for mother today. The star twinkles brightly to say she’s ok. She loved life completely and never let go. Now she’s singing in heaven and wants you to know That she misses you—sure
When I was 19 I picked up the cancer stick, It was my third vice next to woman and the drinking binge, I tried to calm the voices, from the red lighted panic district, But my motivation came from a death wish.
I've seen a lot of things i thought i'd never have to see we've hoped for many things that are just so far out of reach
Dear God, Somethings I just don’t understand; like things must be extremely complex or my mind too inferior to comprehend, the things that plague the human mind, body, and soul.
The days are coming to a close, The end is finally near, The memories are overflowing With the loves I once held dear; Goodbye crawls slowly closer And I take a moment to look back;
I do not understand Why people want what they cannot have Why people treat the ones closest bad Why people demand respect when they give none in return
Disease is the reason For the loss of my loved ones, And possibly the future Loss of others.
Cancer. 6 letters. 1 disease. A disease that ravages and destroys, leaving pain and grief in its wake, altering lives without any warning. Prevention is impossible. Reaction is risky.
From a hospital room She hears the doctors report Of the cancer she must fight To keep her life At first she only fought But then she knew just what she must do Do exactly as she was taught
I used to know the warm embrace she used to give. I used to know the wrinkled face she used to have. I used to know the tender kiss upon my cheek as I napped. I used to know that beautiful high pitched laugh.
Signs of happiness, Show on your face, Signs that not even, Time can erase. Your beautiful smile, Forever embraced, The ones who click, Always happy to see your face.
But you don’t Really understand until it Effects you personally… it’s A shot in the dark and the Scariest thing ever to happen To my family, to her friends.
Heart in chains Ain’t got no brains Since we was a fetus We’ve wondered who would lead us
Looking in the mirror Sadness stains her face. Red lines cover her, making feelings fade. They call her names. The torment her. The wall she has built is breaking. She goes home to a world too adult.
A person worth a thousand words A soul so clean and pure A smile pulls one forever towards His laughter the best cure
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