Corrupted Country


I live in a country that is runned by money.

Where our government elected officials look out for their fellow rich man.

Where our immigration services refuses to let illegal immigrants pass, but look a blind eye for undocumented children in the fields because it is inexpensive.

Where our pharmaceutical companies refuse to let the public know about proper cancer treatment.

While this may seem like a huge ,have you ever stopped to think about other countries cancer treatment. 

How our country is so advance, yet we have millions dying of cancer. How many people do you think die of cancer in other countries?

Because of the lust for money, the pharmaceutical companies refuse to release information of natural remedies. They see us as cash cows, in which they can suck all the money until their isn't any and I AM SICK OF IT.

If i would would chance to change anything, I would change the pharmaceutical companies and let the general public have options. For the sake of our country, and the sake of our people.


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