I'm only ten

Everything seems so big when you’re only ten

So scary, and so big when you’re only ten

You don’t understand everything when you’re only ten

It doesn’t make sense cause you’re only ten

They talk in hushed voices and quietly say “she doesn’t get it, she’s only ten”

But what they don’t know is I do know

That all this medicine and all the machines mean he could go

The tubes and needles don’t mean he’s getting better

But I’m only ten so maybe it is “only the bad weather”

I’m ten but I know its more

And daddy’s not just a little sore

The needles mean more

And the hair on the floor

And the hospital robe hung on the door

It all means more

We can’t go to the park today

Daddy’s got cancer they say

But he’s getting better every day

So don’t you go and worry away

So daddy’s not sick anymore, and I’m no longer ten

But it’s scary to think that the cancer could still come back and win

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