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Define that

“She’s Terminal”
He says.
“She’s-- terminal”
says He.

Terminal to who?
A friend, a lover, a nurse in blue?

Terminal to where?
LAX, Terminal A1?
“All aboard!”
To paradise unfound

Terminal how?
Perpetual termination of the moon in the day or has the flight had a small delay?

Terminal 1
now Terminal 2
“This time Terminal will do.”

The invasion has spread-
a P.O.W. in her own person (prison)
As the days trickle down
in her white hospital bed.

“She’s Terminal”
She says “It’s got her- this time”
says She.

But what about her? me? him?

“she’s lucky”
They say…
third time’s the charm
I guess

“She won’t see Christmas”
says We.
but We were wrong, you see.
2 weeks..
2 days..
2 hours..
“Hurry, quick”
“She’s Terminal”
says We.

“She’s gone”
says Who?
him, her, we?
what says you?
“She’s gone”
to where?
A Christmas so fair.
“She’s gone”
and how?
a lullaby- a peaceful demise.

Terminally Lucky
Christmas come and
Christmas go.
Christmas gone
and now
he, she, we, (must)
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