From the second we are conceived we overcome,

Not a second in life goes by where we have not overcome,

We fight out entire lives,

Behind closed doors and out in the open,

To the little boy who goes home and instead of getting bruises from his rollerskates,

Gets them from his father,

To the girl who instead of not knowing how to tie her shoes,

Doesn't know her real last name,

Day in and day out we fight these feelings,

Because though we can’t label them,

We feel them,

And we understand this is not normal,

or is it?

How many times do you have to overcome to say,

I have finally overcame and will feel no more sadness?

How many times does she have to take that wretched blade to her already fragile skin

just for someone to notice she’s not okay?

Because at the time,

No one heard her screams,

As she cried in the shower,

Thinking this was all her fault,

And that she could cause something like cancer,

Because she didn’t know any better,

And the sadness got the best of her,

So she kept her mouth shut and slowly fell apart,

How many days does she have to watch her daddy breathe in pain,

and exhale his exhaustion,

And instead of counting sheep,

As she tries to sleep each night,

Instead she counts the stitches in her fathers head,

Wishing that for once her dreams would be silent,

And the demons in her head would stop dancing,

When the solution is made to seem simple,

Because it comes in a little orange bottle, 

With 30 days of happiness,

Or just one more day of sadness,

Do you even know what it’s like to go to school in hate it?

Not because of the teachers,

Or the pages of homework,

But because you don’t know, 

If he won’t say anything,

Or if today he’ll keep on saying what he has for the past 4 months,

But no matter who you tell,

You’re only told you're not good enough,

That it must be what you’ve done wrong,

And that maybe if you’d try harder,

And stop being so damn selfish,

Maybe you would realize that it isn’t his fault,

Who can overcome such adversity and torment,

When the only crime you’ve ever committed,

Was silently being different,

Because if you don’t where what all the girls do, 

Or play all the sports the boys play,

Then you’re obviously just some faggot,

Who deserves the name calling anyway,

So now every time you look in the mirror,

All you see is ugly,

When instead what you should be seeing when you look,

Is the words,

Magnificent and beauty,

Just because you wear T-shirts,

Or don’t like scoring touchdowns,

Doesn’t mean that you are ugly,

But instead it makes you better,

Because instead of being standard,

You are everything they aren’t,

And you have broken the mold with uniqueness,

And that makes you full of beauty,

And no matter what they say,

Or how many times they throw their fists,

They will always just be standard,

And you will be triumphant,

Because you overcame.



I love this :)






Great writing??


This poem is...I can't find a word...powerful is too undescriptive. I can totally relate to this poem on so many levels...it addresses so many types of feelings, depressions, situations, and how to begin the journey away from them! Keep up the great writing!


That really helped me. Thank you for sharing that with me. :)


this is some powerful stuff but i think it needs a NAHL IN THERE NAHL

Jan Wienen

Helps me to understand the value much more of each person,

Thank you


Thank you for writing this!

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