Dearest Love,

Dearest Love.
 Remember the first time our eyes, upon each-other laid?
how on that spring touched hilltop where I did say, 
our love is like a blooming rose, 
and darling,
I will never, let you go.
Dearest Love.
That bright red rose nesting in your hair
did make you look so very fair
it’s been five fond years, still I hope you know,
that I will never let you go.
Dearest Love.
With your blushing beauty in that white dress,
together we can beat all life’s tests
by a ring on your finger what better way to show
that I will never let you go.
Dearest Love.
your rose’s petals start to wane 
who cares what the doctors have to say!
I know you’ll live for years not days
and no matter what, it’s going to be ok, 
through every high and every low,
remember that, 
I will never let you go.
Dearest Love.
last night we somehow made it through
though I know it was so very hard for you
fear, anger, broken sadness
and this disease driving you to madness,
I will not let the words you said
rain down, like blows upon my head
you didn’t mean them this I know
so I will still, never let you go.
Dearest Love.
your rose has grown crimson red,
the cold petals wilt a top your head 
I placed this fine floral symbol, 
inside my bag with hands that trembled
I kept it through, every changing season
just for this, one important reason
how I told you long ago, 
my dearest love, do you remember?
that I will never let you go.
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This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



I love that repetition! What a great poem!

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