It Was Won Long Ago

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 21:39 -- tdawson

The C word is loud

It is always in my face

So I venture off and find my happy place.


It attacked at my back

Fear crippling, questions surging

My perspective shifts and memories begin merging.


I know why I hope

I know why I fear

Though I am to young to know what I truly hold dear.


She’s too young to understand

So lets stuff her with sweets

Stop. I know what it means to truly be beat.


I’m not gonna die

Life is what I taste

I’m old enough now to not let it go to waste.


The pressure is on

Why did I win the race?

There’s no way I can keep up at such sincere pace.


The question never fades…

It is still right there

Why, why, why didn't you die?


She passed.

He flew away.

And yet, here you are to stay.


You better do something!

You better change the world!


I want to.

I do.

I will.


So let me be positive!

Let me rejoice!

I’ve been given a chance; I’ve been given a choice!


I have a purpose, you see?

I am a little light

I will not hold back, cover your eyes because I’m gonna shine bright!


I will spread the Good News

I will share what He has done

He fought in darkness by my side and now we have won!


All glory to You

Let the praises ring out!

I have found my voice, I can now shout out!


The pressure is off

The world has been changed

It was written in the stars, it was all prearranged.


I live my life now and am happy to do so

I found what I’ve lacked

There is no need to look back.







Very nice!

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