The Days Are Coming to A Close

Tue, 04/09/2013 - 19:00 -- stesame


United States
25° 39' 28.7856" N, 80° 17' 16.3644" W

The days are coming to a close,
The end is finally near,
The memories are overflowing
With the loves I once held dear;
Goodbye crawls slowly closer
And I take a moment to look back;
My life has gotten away from me,
It’s strayed quite far from off track.

Before my lover left me,
Before my hopes all died,
Before all joy had vanished,
And my spirit softly cried,
There was a beautiful freedom
Not yet lost to me,
But now that my days are numbered,
I find I once again am free.

Before myself man had surely come,
And after he still shall carry on,
So as my death approaches,
Though I know I will soon be gone,
My heart is beating now
And to ignore this I would waste
What little time is left
To grasp life’s bittersweet taste.


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