Through the Good and the Bad

There are dark days ahead they said to me as I sat in a room

A room full of white that had just brought bad news

I struggled to understand how to go from here

Is it true? I asked my eyes full of fear


I wanted to scream

The animal inside me roared

My raw bleeding heart unable to take much more


In an instant quicker than the blink of an eye

A family once whole now had to find a way to get by


I questioned existence

I questioned my faith

And I questioned the reason we had to endure this treacherous race


It comes for the best of us

Leaves the broken behind  

The melody haunting like a black starless sky


The end is not predictable

It is not a fortune to be read

One moment you’re smiling the next can be a moment of dread


The cancer had come like a thief in the night

Unwilling, even then, to put up a fair fight


A mighty beast

One that had long tentacles that could wrap up its prey

Ensuring easily that it could not get away


The pain is not wanted

The loss much too close


The smell is unbearable

The appearance so grave

As you try to wrap your arms around the one you desperately want to save


But there is an answer

One you didn’t see before

It isn’t easy to acknowledge

Yet it is the only door 


You can accept what is

And make the most of this time

Never guaranteed but a blessing in disguise


The wings have already been given

There is the chance to soar

Go on now, be free

Don’t let suffering burden you anymore


Be brave little one

Hold your head to the sky

I promise that love will help you get by


One day you’ll be dancing

A tune will make you smile

And show you memories you had put away for a while


You can’t see it now but those tears will dry

Someone will always be there to stand by your side


A great understanding comes from loss

The end of the road is actually just a turn

And life had to teach you a lesson- even if was one you didn’t want to learn 


Through it all remember the answers are not clear

But you can survive even on the days you may want to disappear


You will never fall as long as you believe

That you can get through anything, just wait and see

















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