I remember every piece and every bit like it was yesterday

Hurt me to my soul hearing bullets cought you 'round the way 

Stayed on my toes for some hours, yeah I had to pray

Hurt me to the core when you took your last breath away 

& I can never understand it, gain closure

Even though the dude paying for it ten times over

Wish I could see your face when I'm looking over my shoulder

& With every year that past the pain it never gets older 

What hurts the most? 

You ain't here to raise your kids

Teach your son to be a man or treat your daughter like the queen she is

Uncle Larry had to gain his wings early

But, it's something we all doing one day 

Slowly but surely


. . . I'm just saying

H E A V E N       V I B E S 

H E A V E N       V I B E S 



Hate Cancer with a passion it took out my main lady 

Damn near was 92 still you did no complaining 

Couldn't believe you had to leave weeks before my graduation

Didn't want to go I walked for you to show you that we made it

You should see your family some of them going crazy 

Peep the drama and the bull shaking your head baby 

What it came to lately? 

Cloudy out, feeling like it's raining 

Last wishes got it seeming like half of us ain't maintaining 

It all went left you were just here with me 

February 2013 out here visiting 

As the pain was thickening, your health was rippeling 

Got love for you always I hope that your listening 


. . . I'm just saying

H E A V E N       V I B E S 

H E A V E N       V I B E S 



Papa passed my birthday before '06 

It'll never be the same it don't matter how old I get 

He called me his miracle but, he left me in critical 

The pain all of us felt it was nothing to minimal 

Can't forget Aunt Jenny and not even Big Michael 

Got hella angels back to back in this damn heaven cycle 

I just hope it quit repeating tired of seeing my family weeping 

Cemetary we be meeting every year I hate the creeping 



All throughout your life you were battling your demons

Drug habits it didn't matter wasn't how I seen you 

I ain't trip if you was up and up or on the low down

You'd give your last got me wanting to do the same for you now

Here and there I find myself scrolling all through your pictures 

Just to see your smiling face, think of how much I miss you 

Man I wish you had listened 

'Cause you wouldn't be where you at 

God had other plans but, I still got your back 

Grandkids was your world, you'd do anything for them

Told you my dreams like one day we'd be out riding in a foreign 

Probably a Lauren, you can't even share it with me 

If I could of called you more I'm asking now please forgive me 


. . . I'm just saying

H E A V E N       V I B E S 

H E A V E N       V I B E S 




- B L A S E B A L W A Y S

This poem is about: 
My family
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