Once upon a time she was locked in a tower, 

a tower drowning in hope.

A tower with one fight and lots of power. 

A tower only used to mope.

With beautiful blonde hair,

with a bright, white smile,

Rapuzel knew her treatment was never quite fair,

let alone fit for a child.

Everyday she would sit by her window,

sit, glance, pray, repeat.

Sit, glance, pray, repeat.

Trapped in the garden wall, 

her parents did not realize,

little Rapunzel's hair started to fall,

not out of her window, but right before her eyes. 

Overshadowed with disease.

Of course she was devastated,

sit, glance, pray, repeat,

her average fairytale was animated.

This little girl had hopes and dreams.

The fairytale we know was just her imagination.

"Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair!"

Even with cancer, Rapunzel had a vision.

Young Rapunzel had a dream of a man swooping through the air.

All she ever wanted was someone to climb up her desired hair.

As she grew old and her locks disappeared,

she would write down her wishes and dreams.

Her thoughts were a secret no one could hear.

She stayed in that tower because her tears turned to streams.

Tucked away in a journal Rapunzel wrote,

the fairytale we all think we truly know.

Rapunzel wanted many to know her as what she knew herself as.

A blonde princess two parents loved to have.

Her story lives on,

it shall always continue,

but that princess,

she taught us,

to look within you.

To always love yourself no matter how sick you are.

Even when your parents lock you away from afar.

Those precious, blonde locks,

yes they tell a story.

A story Rapunzel dreamed of filled with glory.

The princess wanted her hair back,

she missed it so much,

slowly it disappeared and her scalp lost its' clutch.



Locked in a tower.

Those locks of hair fell out every hour.



Stuck inside.

Rapunzel fought against her disease with pride.

The more hair she lost, 

the more she cried.

She never dared to let anyone see her hair inside.

She hid in this tower away from everyone, 

writing until the fairytale we all know and what she wanted,

was done.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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