As a young girl sat perched upon her bed,

I could almost tell what ran through her head.

She thought of the love, the happiness, and sorrow,

Of the pain, the suffering, and hope for tomorrow.

She knew it was coming, but timing untold,

She promised her mom she would watch her grow old.

Though she knew this was false, she would not confess,

And the smile on her face hid her distress.

For she knew her strength was fading and the end was near,

But only to herself did she keep this fear.

For her loved ones it was positive vibes instead,

Knowing in her heart the cancer would spread.

As I watched this brave little girl start to cry,

I could not help but think, "Why her and not I?"

It is then she waved me over-- right beside her bed,

Took me by the hand, and this is what she said.

“It’s not about dying that I am upset;

But for my mommy- that she's not ready yet.

I just wish for her sake I would get better,

Because the last thing I want is to upset her.

She has been there and helped me through it all,

Through radiation and chemo, she stood there tall.

And it is on her that I mainly depend,

She is my mother, my hero, my best friend.

Though I know my life is short, to me its whatever.

I have been blessed with a love I know will last forever.

Life is not measured by possessions, beauty, or wealth,

But by love, laughs, and happiness above everything else.”

I looked at her face, which was full of pride,

Reminiscing her life and smiling wide.

It’s that look that said she's ready, that she had no fears,

It’s that look that said to me that she was wise beyond her years.

And still to this day I remember her words and beautiful face,

Knowing she has gone now to a better place.


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