When the Devil Won

Tue, 11/01/2016 - 00:55 -- Sara-h

She went at 53,

And took a part of me

She probably didn’t know I’d come

But, too bad, life played her like a drum.


She lived with the devil inside her

Who she fought for too long I’m sure

No one expected it to end the way it did

I mean I wouldn’t know, I wasn’t even a kid.


I was barely an embryo

Before the demon felt it was time to go.

He packed her bags and bought the ticket

Not sparing any time to think of it.


He’s a C-man, Big-man C.

There’s so much of him that I want to see.

How he works and how he thinks

What he eats and what he drinks.


I want to know

Just how freaking so.

He transformed the cells in her breast

Into soldiers trained to fight an unwanted guest.


They lined up for war

And maliciously opened the door.

Letting in Death to start its dance,

She never even stood a chance.


But I like to believe that she fought like hell.

That she wrestled Death until he yelled:

That he was done playing games

And those guarantees were only claims.


That she was only putting herself in more pain

To stay and try to gain,

Back the life she used to live.

And that maybe everyone around her would one day forgive.


Her, for leaving them behind.

When she just wanted to find.

Something that would save her

From this impending disaster.


But her attempts had failed.

Because now I am jailed

In this prison of emotion

Where I just want to know her and

      Stop this commotion.


This poem is about: 
My family


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