Stage 1.

Effervescent. Energetic. Enlightened

It chose you. But you go on, and on, and on, and on,

Hairy. Happy. Hopeful

You have your own ribbon of color now.


Stage 2.

Growing. Greedy. Carcinoma 

Poison enters your cells. 

Depressed. Defeated. Discomfort

Schedules shift to meet your every need.


Stage 3



Stage 4

Lonely. Lifeless. Leech

Like a sheer grey cloak it floats down upon the shoulders of the weak.

Terrible. Taunting. Terminal

To it, you're just another sack of bones. Now buried in the ground.

Bleak. Black. Boney

Cancer doesn't descriminate. All lives don't matter. 

Invisible. Intangable. Inhuman

This disease doesn't care.


Cancer sucks out the soul, the happiness, and the hope

It takes what it wants and gives nothing in return.

It decays life before you're six feet under.

Love is no longer enough.


There's no way to be saved. It already chose you.

There's only one anniversary now.

The day cancer stole your spirit forever.

You're loved ones stay back to weep while you sleep.

This poem is about: 
My family


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