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My eyes are inflamed from what feels like bloody tears,
Nobody can shoo away my fears,
My face looked unscathed before
but now revealing scorched stains, wet and sore.
My heart feels like it's been ripped out and squeezed,
making it suffer as it bleeds.
My hope has fallen down to the ground,
fast and abrupt without a sound.
Silence surrounds my frail frame
but in the distance of my mind I hear someone calling my name.
Faint screaming and shouting are fading in and out,
the feeling of Novocain runs through my veins.
Then there was nothing.
Just myself hovering over an opaque realm that I no longer belonged to.
Silent in my now transparent frame,
high in the distance someone calling my name.
It was warm and engaging, with every echo like silver chimes.
I haven't felt this satisfied in a very long time.
Taking me by the hand, He lead me to a soft aglow.
To a place I would soon get to know.
With new found love in my heart,
I am finally in peace with no grey.


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