10 Views of Cancer Through Time and Perspective

Thu, 06/05/2014 - 19:04 -- ASHAHTX

I am a “perfect version

Of a human cell”

I can divide without inhibition

I can grow without demise


Cancer is an affliction of the cell

DNA that has lost control of itself 

A piece of us that divides rampantly;

Rampantly, it runs, without any control.


A crab. That is the true nature of Karkinos.

Insidious, Cunning, Painful

Through the body it scuttles

Head to lung to skin to toe


Cancer is an affliction

That is better left alone, they said.

Let them pass, it is better that way

Less pain, more peace, they said.


Beyond the visible, cancer spreads throughout the tissue.

Cut it out. Remove every trace.

Radically- We must cut it radically.

Only then will cancer be cured.


Cancer is a war.

A battle against our own kind

“A civil war” if you will

A fight unto the death


Chemically it may be eradicated

A poison to you may be a cure to cancer

Drug trials. Clinical trials. Strength trials. 

Mix and match the chemicals until it is gone


Cancer, oh tragic, tragic cancer

Why do you hound us so?

For what purpose were you created?

What function do you owe?


Mukherjee says cancer is an odd juxtaposition

Perfection in its own view; Disaster in its beholder’s

The emperor of all maladies

Impact is in the mind of the impacted


Cancer makes us sleepy

Cancer makes us hurt

Cancer brings sorry looks, dozens of doctors

What is cancer?


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