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She's the devil
He's never done anything wrong.
She cuts her wrist and watches the blood.
He helps the sick
They go to the same school
Stuck in different worlds
They both want out
They can't take the pain

Once october day when they meet at last
She teachs him the world of rock
He teachs her God's word
and they become best friends

As the years rolled by
One thing came to another
She became the mother of his daughter
She was adorable
With her mom's blonde curls,
and her dads blue eyes
They loved her so much
a miracle from above
An angel with care

Thirteen years of age
was the little girl
when the doctor had said
she had no chance
The cancer had spread
She didn't have long
Chemo wouldn't work

Her last words
as she looked up at her parents were
"I will look over like an angel from above"
on her grave stone written nice and neat
"dancing with the angels
having fun and laughing
we will miss you dearly
until next time
we will meet again"


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