Winning the Fight


I dont ask that you walk in my shoes,

or feel my pain,

or overcome these issues.

My fight is my own. Im built to survive.

I live to succeed, and I write to thrive.


Cancer could not beat me, returning time and time again.

Depression couldnt defeat me. I learned to love myself in my own skin.

Poverty gave my its best blow.... but

Ive been sick, and poor, and low.

Its nothing new nor is it sad

These issues all humans have had.


You dont need to wear my shoes for a mile.

For youll have your own pain, youll have your own trial.

And remember my friend, we are made to be strong

The days can be trying, the roads can be long.


I write, not to dwell on all ive been through,

But so you will fight when hard times ensue.

I write, so If you see me glow, the joy i feel, the smile i show,

I write with hopes that you will know....

We are born to be fighters, and born to win

and blessed with the strength to get back up again!


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