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you are not my first love, for i have loved before. sometimes i wish it were not true, for then i would be able to hold you higher due to not knowing the pain that is caused by love. 
I miss you only if you miss my smile
Her love serves  Down her heart’s nerves are nerves In sweet redemption and reflection  Heaven makes their re-election  Oh, sweet help.
Every night my mind plays melodies From a song I haven’t quite learned yet Perhaps I never will But she also weaves thank you letters   Thank you’s for all the people in my life The ones who left me
Life was coming to see you on weekends When nights turned into dew drops on your car When the sun seemed to rise before we had the chance to say goodbye to the moon.   I miss the days of aimless wandering
When I tell you I love you, Do not be taken aback by my sincerity Do not mistake the passion on my tongue for malice The fiery flick of a candle A forest fire in a distant dream
~ by Debi Lyn Mon, 09/27/21 - 5:30 pm   Nobody knows me; nobody cares. Nobody loves me; nobody dares. Nobody goes out of their way.
You will know I love you when my eyes can’t stand to glance away from your face   You will know I love you when I laugh even at the smallest quip to cross your lips  
Nothing brings me greater joy Than to hold out my arms And hug the world Thanking the motherland for every trail Every bump, pebble, and stone in the road Leading to a worthy destination
It comes into your life- A fresh soul, Awaiting a home Waiting for tender loving and care You could offer them the world A field of friends, Connected by roots But when you start to neglect
I could really get lost in those pretty brown eyes.Bright,Warm,And mischievous at timesI see how you be lookin’ at me with them eyes—Sending me messagesGot my emotions going in every direction.
Let's cleanse our inner self from cobwebs of greed n envy Let's decorate our persona with modesty n generosity Let's make rangoli of care, empathy n kindness Let's outshine the darkness of suffering n oppression
She has arrived, she’s beautiful, scarred, humbled, and wise. Most of all this woman is alive. She walks with a hint of pride, but not too proud
The best ultimate religion I ever learnt of is " Good Deed" No matter how religious one is without a good good all in vain.
Lord Cares! These Goes To Those Under The Foster And Orphanage Care. The people of the most high. Even when thee father and mother are no longer here. Thy Lord be always there.
The poem "Bastard" is about an alienated child born out of wedlock. S/he suffers rejection anywhere s/he goes; to mother, father and even grandparents. S/he gets neglected by everyone so much that not even school or Xmas parties are accessible.
The poem "Bastard" is about an alienated child born out of wedlock. S/he suffers rejection anywhere s/he goes; to mother, father and even grandparents. S/he gets neglected by everyone so much that not even school or Xmas parties are accessible.
He brings joy to me, his laugh makes my heart smile, his eyes, like the sea. Endless charm is his style, and he is my willow tree.  
What Should I Do?   What should I do to show someone that I care about them? They say that there's nothing I can do, but I know I can do something, I just don't know what or how to do it.  
Sitting next to a willow I recalled, The carefree look that brawled, Heavenly wind passing through my rolls, Making me feel as happy as a calm at high tide;  
My favorite color is the fiery center of a stove once it ignites, bringing a sense of familiarity of my grandma's cooking. The sound of the heat touching the bottom of the pan, slowly boiling the ingredients together.
‘Why do you care so much?’ asked the boy with a Pepsi clasped in his hands, which was previously deemed lesser to Coke in a strange conversation at eleven thirty-two
In the light of day Show me the way And lead me   When it’s time to stand Take my hand And hold me   Use the stones to cross the creek Take your hand to graze my cheek
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone you’re gonna miss the way I loved you you’re gonna miss the way I let you hurt me you’re gonna miss what I let you get away with you’re gonna miss the way my hair shines in the sun
You are perfect.  That’s it.  I said it.  Perfect.
Those days when we were children Sometimes I reminisce About if we could repeat them  And all the naps I’ve missed   The pillow fights the cookie mouse And running in the breeze
Scars Still present From when My old self Died   And I began To hide  And stay away   Small scars On my legs From when Writing Couldn't keep
No One’s Coming   I wish that time would stop again.   Lying still in perfect darkness, bundled up in illness and discomfort.
No one actually cares It wasn't until my 16th birthday I realized that no one cares about birthdays No one truly cares about your accomplishments No one cares if you passed that math final
The expectations set out before me 
When you hurt There is a malevolent force  One feeling you can feel Which is all great remorse.   It was only once Wait it became twice The feeling was so good It became thrice.  
Hey, you. Yeah, you! Have you had enough water today? . . . Take care of yourself! Geez! (I say this 'cause I love you!)
Lord A prayer for the man I love He's so messed up Yes A prayer because I'm at a loss He's cheated enough Say A prayer for me from your heart In satan's snare he's caught And me
I'm not sure, I can take much more, Living my life I'm not, Things started out oh so promising, Then I began to rot.   Tiredness and doubt fill my mind, Even when there is so much to do.
Planting seeds is easy when you all you do is watch. It becomes embedded very early that alter to this path you'd  be awash. Later on things seem normal, in the family home .
Now I know what it’s like To fear the loss of someone- It’s terrible, Horrible, But what accompanies it is a tender notion, A soothing feeling you can’t replace. Search the earth, the skies, the space,
His POV There she was with her the back towards me,Sitting on a park bench, with earphones on.Listening to a song. Or talking to someone.Why should I care? She is free.
It's Saturday I wake up  Mom knows Breakfast shows up at 8   It's Saturday Dad's gone  Off to work Won't be back till late   Next morning On a trip
Mother Poetry, Lend me your ears, So I can tell you my darkest fears. Help me grow as tall as a tree. Mother Poetry, Lend me your helping hands, So I can be the one who understands.
His tongue tastes of wine I feel childhood memories on his spine. His eyes shimmer like the sea I know why he has that scar on his knee. His lips taste like cherries I watch him devour some Ben & Jerry's.
My mind is always m   o     v       i         n           g             y         e       l     l   i n   g s              c
She taught herself how to lie. Through gritted teeth she claims that she's fine, but the world sees otherwise. She has fought for so long. Collecting purple hearts from the battles her soul has faced.
Dear Deer,   My deepest apologies for stopping you here. I simply noticed something simple
Dear Deer,   My deepest apologies for stopping you here. I simply noticed something simple
Dear Laina, you’re in first grade. You’re journey hasn’t started but it will when you are eight.   you’ll be in 3rd grade, you’re brother will be 2.
It’s been a long time, more than I’d care to admit, that I felt like this. Afraid because the last time I was hurt. The last time I was let down. Last time made me fearful of sharing myself.
Dear my protector, Satheric, Satheric. With feathers so sleek like a silent owl in flight, The comforting hum of your voice, kept me asleep all night. As I knew there was nothing to fright.
Hello Lou, how are you? Are currently down, are you feeling blue? Are you counting the stars, searching for love, and aproval for the person that you are? Are you waiting for hope,
The earth spins in a constant rotation That no one really can feel  You used to be my axis though I was a boring record With speech impediments   You took residence inside my heart  
(This is a reverse poem. Read starting from left to right all the way to the bottom of the poem. Then, read from left to right from the bottom of the poem to the start of the poem!) You must never change yourself for anybody
You are the one who is truly worthy. The type of gift that I will always cherish. You come from a culture that is earthy. Our mutual love will never perish.   My mind is tough, but my heart was broken.
Because I loved you, and maybe I do, I sat with you when you got angry. Because I loved you, and maybe I do, I held your hand and told you to take deep breaths. Because I loved you, and maybe I do,
  I want you. For who you are alone while holding hands with me. Freedom I hug you, because yes, because no. I hug you to empower you, never to become one.
I have been very independent. Very to myself. No one to cry to.  No one to ask for help.  People help me with obvious things though; like homework, essays, and colleges apps.
There can only be one opinion, right?   “Because I love you.” These are the precious words: Full of hope, promises, and happiness,
It is because I love you,  that these very things I do are all for you. When the lights are dim and your watery eyes too unfocused to see what is right before you
I ask if you've eaten and make sure you get home safe I ask how's your day and if you're feeling okay I support what you do and I'll try to help too I'm your shoulder to cry on and your partner in crime
Because I love you I want you to thrive, not die Because I love you I’ll shine my light on you, so you’re not in the darkness Because I love you I won’t let you fall behind, I’ll drag you to the finish line
the skin i wear is dry.  i fear that my knees  have been on the floor  for too long. pleading for my loss  to return.    my mother said,  “mix lime with honey, 
The most favorable flowers, Snipped from their leaves, Snipped from their roots   I want to hold you, I cannot seem to let go.  
No time, no time at all none to read meaningless words, none to spare for a wayward thought no seconds to give to listen not a moment to waste, but I've found that time has no value
Aching, Screaming, Pounding Pain, Spin my world and Split my brain.   It hurts, It mars,
Those innocent smiles and hugs Did they give your heart a tug? Make you fall deeper and deeper each time Make you wish you were all mine   My heart swayed with your sensation My threads too bare
A great love,  An “I’ll wait” love  Never let you go because I love you  I close my eyes at night to think of you  No butterflies inside because I’m at home with you 
What is love? Oh god, what a good question. What is love? Can anyone explain what it is, or isn’t? What the hell even is it?   Love isn’t.
Because I love you I know that you like your eggs scrambled, Your bacon extra crispy, And your orange juice freshly squeezed in the morning.   Because I love you
Because l love youI trust you I care for youEstoy loca para tìTe preocupas por mì? Love.. strong word one syllable Love.. sometimes may not be visible Do crazy thingsThinking insaneLove..
Today I finally felt was it was like to feel safe, to have that comfort of a home. I never knew what safety was. 15 different houses that I remember, that were and are supposedly "homes."
  healthy relationships they are really special things they can be in each new friendship that someone brings it might be hard to find one at first but once they’re found
This looks like jump to me You are a cockroach
They're a good heart mixed with baking full of joy, those two Their love is always for the taking Granted, is the life that was given But many lessons they gave implanted were they and not ridden.
I watched it before I didn’t speak You let it happen to me I couldn’t speak I couldn’t stand up for myself The taste of being ignored Behind a locked door Was an abuse that became too familiar
These words of praise. Come in little phrases. "Be Safe." "I love you." Just to name a few. These words of curiosity. They show our generiosity. "Are you okay?" 
Forget the blood lines that make our trees bright red Forget the colors that highlight our lively skin Brothers, sister, mothers and fathers We are all something bigger, better and stronger Yet…
  There I stood, at the corner of 5th and Broadway, sifting through friends and foe. The friends?
How could you do this? Destroy the bonds we built This land was our land
Remember, Remember how America was great although there was terror Remember the Roosevelts and Honest Abe, what they contributed and oh, how they were aware
What we do, what we say, how we think, be aware, and repeat. Take the fruit from the low hanging tree, easy to take, easy to see, thank you to the low hanging tree, and repeat.
Why are we people subservient to the self-servient nature in us? We need to set our minds on each other and fill our hearts with trust So that we can maintain our grassy plains, Cultivate creativity, 
Defenesless against you, scared of you.  Four legged lives have feelings too, they are not stuffed animals.  They are real, they breathe just like humans do. They need food just like humans.
The question lyes in the air Do I still care?   The words to express how much I care are hard to find because what you don’t understand is not an hour goes by that you don’t cross my mind  
You sleep in a bedI sleep in the streetsI'm your shadow You eat at restaurants I eat from garbage cansI'm your shadow You're treated with respect and careI'm left in the streets, helpless for others to stareI'm your shadow I'm human just like you,
This is for you. This is for the wide eyes at three in the morning. This is for the salty wells collected in my pillowcase.
(Businessman Perspective) Cold and hungry as I tried to find a place to rest, I finally see a small warm cafe at the end of the road. I started to jog and cross my arms in front of my chest,
Humming Birds Such A Beautiful Blur Of Colors, As They Skip From Flower To Flower In Search Of Nectar... Humming Birds A Harmonious Ochestra Of Chirps; Most Fitting Soundtrack To The Dawning Of A New Day...
In the biting cold I walk, Barefoot and in tattered attire, My dirty pants, ripped at the knees, Folded at the waist and tied to my body By an old and dirty rope coming apart, This is me, this is morning,
The early bird chirps at the rising sun. The street kid holds close his precious tin of glue. A student hurries to school eager to learn. The poet smiles at the beautiful sky so blue.  
When I look at my friends, Do you know what I see? People that have meant the world to me. That was what I thought, And even still slightly feel, But how much of it is real?
Stop pretending you are so nice, Hidden in the world like dirty mice. Faking a sugary smile with a honey voice, Taking a knife to your victims of choice. You are weak because you can't keep quiet,
If I could I would Go back in time When we first met I would look at you With different eyes I would thank you While we sat at a table Alone In front of the school library
when i was about to suicide when i was about to kill myself you stayed around me so i'd  stopped feeling worthless-myself.   do you know what you'd said? you said that i matter.
You took care of me, When I felt alone and forgotten. You kept my secrets, And comforted me when I cried. Now I have to watch, Watch you fallen and in pain. You're incapable to say,
I can imagine a life without water I can imagine a life without food But to imagine a life without my mother its the worst thing I could do I feel a hole in my heart I feel my lungs without air
the moon circles the earth and the earth circles the sun but all the while it seems i am only in orbit with you
Once upon a time, In a kingdom far away. There was a mistreated maiden And to her dismay they teased bout her shoes and her hair everyday. I'll let you in on a secret So tell everyone else
Tears that awakened him at night already evaporated. Filled with words that aggressively stroked his nerves. We cant forgive how lonely he gets. We cant forgive his thoughts of destruction he starts to mimic.
You It’s a question most have heard before: What would you do if you were stranded on a desert island by the shore? What would you want?
Living, What's the point? Without friends and family, Why am I in this joint? Without love, Without care, What am I gonna do? I simply cannot do this Without you. It's true.
People always tell you to talk to people When you're feeling sad, Angry, Anxious, Anything of the sort. They'll say tell an adult If you or someone else feels depressed, Suicidal,
Alone upon the wreckage, Broken hearts on either side, The dark distorted crater, Where my last hope came and died.   The darkness all around me, Not cut through by the light, My solo isolation,
It's Kind It Knows No Enemies It Thinks No Evil It Rejoices Truth   It Believes All It Never Fails It's not Faith or Hope It's Love.
Mr. Bully Do you know how I feel? I wake up in the morning, and my mother hugs me tightly
When the opportunity arises to express love,
I met a boy on the outskirts of campus, playing a game of frisbee.   his eyes shined like oceans shimmering in the very depths of the beauty in  the place mermaids call home.  
Hey little brother, I watched you grow before my very eyes I tried to protect you and your little heart from the lies I think back to when you were 5 and my tears flow The things that were going on, how could you know?
I think you all know this, To God we do belong, To him we depend, Let him be your friend, For he is always there for you.
I neither love nor care what they say about me I am my own  and my own is me   I am the one who will  decide where I go    I am the one who is  traveling this road  
Papa, my beautiful papa. He doesn't look at me anymore.  His smile has disappeared from his face.  Papa's bones are as thin as the weeds out back. Remember papa? 
Tears Tears in faces Faces of our neighbors in other nations No women no cry Let the tears dry, and the beauty within shine Lend a helping hand To our neighbors in other lands
There you are again And here come the tears I try to defend myself But it never works   There you are again Why are you mad? You broke it off You hurt me too  
The tears that are surfacing upon my eyes and leaving glistening trails of a salty substance are not there for the comfort you had given me.
  Look Into My Eyes
I am not delicate but I will wear pink. I am not frightened but I will cover my eyes at a horror movie. I am young but that does not mean I have a blind eye. I am female but that does not make me weak.
Eyes hold lies Ears hold lies It is not only the mouth that holds lies Whatever you're seeing is wrong, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL Whatever you're hearing is wrong, YOU'RE WORTHY
I stay the same underneath, What my selfie seems to be. Whether on or offline My smile stays the same. I am the player, And Instagram's the game. Underneath the clothes and shining light.
care about yourself
After 23 years, the eyes seen so much, trying to keep up in life, but its always in a rush. High School flew by, Undergrad did too, struggling to get by, while my bank account gave me the blues.
Lack of confidence that is your immortal enemy No one doubts yourself more than you Somehow you cannot outrun these thoughts They are just there Ready to kick you when you are down
I as a person am not a conversion.
I am made Entirely of flaws But make No Assumptions     I am still PERFECT   I am the goddess of my own domain With the ability to change the world
She may not be the very definition of beauty but her self-restrained chaos unravels all connotations of the word.    She’s more than a number, more than a status. In a world of never ending can’ts, won’ts, shouldn’ts,
"Anormal", "Wrong", "Needs To Be Fixed", "Queer!" That's but a small bit of the everyday soundtack that I hear. "No, I don't want a Kiss.", "I'm not broken.",  "Please don't touch me there!"
Rumor has it that scars of gold kept you hidden behind a veil of words that were forbidden to hear, and the tattoos of watercolors began to slosh around on your marble skin, until no single pigment could be found.
Breathe... As life passes too quikly, the whistle blows, the crowd screems!   Silence... All you have is yourself in the end live for what you want not for what you have.
People make this world go 'round. 
Let me straddle your mind Let me lay on top of your thoughts Rubbing & caressing each care away Interrupting them with each touch & feel I can open you up, to love, lifting you up Giving you a high
If only the words we said were chosen with care.
You were young, but old enough to remember it all. Your eyes fillled with hope, Ideal to take as their own.
Pay no attention to the woman behind the  mask. She's just an  illusion of smoke and mirrors, of pulsing lights and   then she's gone.   Pay no attention
I don't want to tell you how much you mean Meant Mean Meant Mean Median  Mode To me.  I wish to not reveal how lost I become around Within
I laid with you in a field A field full of memories  green  This is the field I have run through half naked Peed on trees  Played loads of games. But on this night 
As time pass life begins to give a whole new start. As I'm tired something tells me to keep going. As the wind blow God whispers child hold on As my eyes blink back
We must leak Leak a joy that no one's sorrow or anger can touch Leak a passion that is as contagious as a beautiful smile Leak a strength that even when you have given your all to the weakest you are still strong.
The pitfalls of man, though shallow, stay d
I never thought I'd hate something as much as you  You take away the good people from the world  You make them want you more then anything or anyone else  Those with hard enough lives you make worse
I woke up today,
In over a month I will no longer be here,
Cute, small, loving and always on my mind. My dog will forever be by my side. My dog is rare she is one of a kind, I will hope that we will never divide.   You would be surprised by how much I care,
To some, it will never matter where you came from It only matters how much you make in the now Why could they care about the past? Everyone is so focused on the future and the present
You cut into my skin Whether you know it or not You don't think it a sin I'm just an afterthought   My troubles you laugh at And you say they don't exist Somehow it's just that
I don't know who I am anymore. I don't know what it means to feel motivated in something that you really love doing since people expect you to be perfect. I continue to push but for what?
On my commute to school, A man stands there between traffic. i am so curious, what should I do? Why does this image have to be so graphic?    Many people don't even see him, 
This isn’t fair How much I care All I can do is stop and stare I want to sit you down in a small chair Just to show you how much I care Take away all your hair
When you slip the rope around your throat,No o
Hate is all around, Love nowhere to be found.   Homeless veterans without jobs
  Howl be thy name             So old yet new             Forged in fire             Blood, sweat, tears             Come forth in black and white  
  Gone with the Wind             There’s a pin             A little sin             Come here             Don’t go dear            
  Tears of Sanity             Given life’s morals             There dwells a pain             Uneasy             Unforgiving in its context  
  Come Back Again             Challenged by things             Undermined by most             Mundane are struggles             Simple to complex  
  Two of Two; Brothers beyond the End             Identical in image             Unique in minds             Connected beyond comprehension
  Respected and Loved             A friend             A companion till the end             Hold my hand, count to ten             Thick and thin here we go
  Pristine but Transcendent             Given embellishment             The sparks, Jules, latest fashions             But you subsist as your own
  Carved Just Right             Brilliant among few             Untouchable by many             Unbreakable with endless beauty
Turn up , turn up! says the young girl with a bad mind,  Does she not know that there's more greater things in life to find?  Instead of partying and drinking every week end,
Did you know that if you stop and look,Open your eyes and take in the sight,That everything comes to light?The darkness,The loss,The despair,Loneliness.
We survive in a world of consumption No compassion for the surrounding How can we agree that we even live
"Children are the future," So everyone says. "Children are the future," Show me your proof, then. Hungry, impoverished Children on the streets? Too many in the classroom,
A perfect boat of gravy,A tender slice of lamb,Crispy green vegetables,Potatoes straight from the pan.  
I have never had sex They judge me as a prude It hurts my heart Them being so rude   I want him to love me But he won't for sure He thinks me a tease Easy to lure  
To find a cure for Apathy
A vessel of beacons             Casting a shier light             Brighter than any             Forecasting the oceans             Wobbled by deception  
A Reflection of pure               Brought from mists             Darting away             Flashing my sight             Creasing a smirk            
Angel you have become               Crystallized in endless beauty             Redefined by life’s challenges             Ascending as more
Revived Among Lost Time               Played among a thin line             Life was pail and blind             Sick with poison
Angel My Angel               Spread far and thin             Across the oceans of time             Land, sea and sky             Hear my rejoicing cry
I would change the view that it's not you to look up at one another as we walk from point a to point q   I would change how we feel when we're in a class
This is pain is just too real The moment I got attacked by the wegded heel.
the first time i met youi didnt knowhow marks cascade down your arms in a pink-white array of battle scars the first time i met youi didnt knowhow tears fall from your eyes before you finally sucumb to sleep
Huddle with me oh lost broken soul.Huddle with your broken brethren.Warm yourself with what I haveand take from me what it is that you need.I will give all that I can.
You are my woman, my dream, my desire You are my crown, my diamond, my jewel of inestimable value. Your emergence into my life brought me sunshine on a cloudy day
You think the world changing
Take my hand, sweet child of mine And let me guide the way. Just wrap your hand around my fingers And hear what I must say. Listen close to what I speak And I’ll show you how life is true.
There is nothing sadder-- not even the loss of a cherished item, not even the mewing of an abandoned kitten,
I am sad, I am hurt, I am mad, These words don’t work!   I feel empty, I’m at a loss, I’m insecure, I’ve lost the toss.   I feel sick, There’s too much stress,
Look at you sitting behind that desk, acting all high and mightyWe are not your toys to fuck withWe are human beingsWe are teenagers, hormonal brats that need help during this crucial time 
here in my mind another world i’ve created it’s so ugly yet it brings a smile to my face a tragedy to you but finally my heart is whole   someone noticed me someone wanted me
A woman of Black gold, gave birth to an olive child, Strong and mighty was she to stand by a father who stood to just pretend. Made sure her little peice of hope in this world was warm, fed, and fast asleep everynight
What if the truth, was really a lie? What would you say, if I told you that's what I live by? The lies are only there, there to hide the pain, the sorrow, the sad, the everything.
I tried to write in a smile, but it ended up a frown, I tried to write it upside right, But it ended up upside down. I tried to write it in like summer, but it ended up so cold.
I counted to ten, I'm done! Where are you? I can't find you... Will you come out soon? I miss seeing you, Hearing your voice. I miss being with you, Hiding wasn't your choice.
if and only do not mix, but me and you do. what and if don't belong together, but me and you do. life isn't always perfect, but me and you are. everyone isn't always loved, but me and you are.
You've got me in the palm of your hand, because deep down, I'm a good girl. I'm a kind girl. I'm a caring and devotedly loving girl. I want to make you happy. I want you to be proud of me.
Our love was perfect tonight. It sparkled, danced radiantly, so right. The eyes that saw our treasured bond knew we were sincere and fond. You took my hand and didn't let go,
Why can’t I just be ok? Why was I cursed with ability to feel too deeply? When I could just be oblivious. Why must I hurt too deeply? When others are just fine. How I wish to be shallow,
Some teachers still do, But some are severly lacking. Caring in the classroom, Will keep the kids from packing.  Show the students your nice side. Show them you know how they feel.
  The social media has built up bullying   And the principals won’t do anything   They say “kids will be kids” or “we’ll figure something out”  
We cannot know what pain feels like Though evidence suggest it is unpleasant We cannot know who they were before Though evidence suggest they are now sick   We cannot know who their loved ones are
I'll hold you through the night. For hours, in everyday, in every week. Til It gets cold, alright. No words would be right Just hands to back, to get you geeked I'll hold you through the night.
With grace and power she stands there Light soothing hands with a maternal touch Gentle eyes that cut through glass and fair hair that falls upon her shoulders Dependable, she is everyone's crutch   
Blind words lead no where, blind thoughts get no where, blind concernes never see the light, and blind is your fear that we will  not survive.   We may not pay attention, we might not be too bright,
Not once in my life have I heard someone say “Could you spare some change?”; no, they expect we will pay. They sit with their signs, black words in black scrawl, and hope as we each walk on by, one and all.  
Days like this, I often debate, why'd I let you into this space, I kept so safe. We was always on and off so it was light switch for me to switch you off.
AIDS is real I hate condoms Oh yes I know we want to feel every side of it HIV doesn’t seem real when you are having the best feeling in the world You don’t think about AIDS when you pay visit to the vagina
Tears of saddness Fears of abandonment Reckless disobedience Heart broken and unwanted Is anybody out there Life seems so unfair Just when it seems life is going to end You're always there
  for love, for hate, for the broken-hearted... for your tears, for your fears, for all you've ever wanted but could not win for the man you are but cannot really show for the woman you pretend to be
We all witnessed the sweat rolliing down Miss Liberty's head/ when she found out the sleeping giant is no longer sleeping dead/ The Giant/slept with nightmares for over 200 years/ but the giant cannot be awaken by only one peer/ when we marched a
Why I write? I write because you told me to Because you encountered history and literature but never met a pen or page
Don’t be sad, But don’t deny that you are If I could hear the color blue, you'd sound just like it. I don’t know how to help you but, I can help you recompose your sound..
Lifes not about what you stand to loose or gain But Who you stand for Why you stand What you stand for Where you stand And How you stand. Life is the sweet memories you make with others
There is nothing like nothing like a mothers love. Always there, always worrying, she always cares. Putting you before herself and anyone else. She won’t eat until you eat, won’t sleep until you’re safe and sound.
How could you fight the unknown with no remorse? When they are simply… the unknown? Like in wars, or battles How could you go about, scream and shout, over people you have never seen?
I walk alone in love, For what could love offer me? It gives me not the breath I take, Nor the food I eat, Nor the sleep I rarely receive.   Nay. Love steals breath. Steals ambition.
Do something  Make something Be something Just go and do. Don't just be. Just being is boring. Be something Make something, of yourself, outside yourself.
Prepare yourself, For this will not be ordinary. To express the way I feel Is to look upon the people of this earth with a smile in my heart To see the distraught  the unloved the wanting
He aimlessly cries for a place call home as everyone keeps telling him “soon” Reaches out with fragile arms Into an empty space of an eggshell white Only to be told “don’t do it”
Lets agree, shall we? To Always tell the truth because- Power is in it.
The power of words, is awesome to behold. They build and they break, they furl and they fold. A simple word, empowers a man, Or throws his hopes, his dreams in the can. Such simple devices, such miniscule tools,
Oh Ya, By The Way Last night while you creeping around with that guy you met from the club, I was already with him. When you got home to your man and yall made sweet love, I began to flow right through him.
May the lighters light May your heart love May the sun shine Right above us May your actions be worthy May your hunger be hardy May your drive have engine May your soul have a mission
Amidst all the try-hards and give-ups, Stand the happy middle of the two Who hasn't crashed and burned yet And who still hasn't made it through Who's looking inside that tight circle?
"His Gifts" By:Lynisha Arceus
Time together spins a silver flurry The night wraps around my limbs to comfort Vital force screams for you from my body Will, tenet, and my guard are taken down Affection from you melts me like chocolate
Long brown hair, Dark, frizzy and out of touch. Long black lashes, Glasses that covered her big brown eyes.
Trust Issues I loved him I thought we were forever But he had someone else He thought he was clever
It’s a hard thing to describe It’s so hard to explain Just I can’t help it Feeling this way Just the way you smile The way you sing a song Makes my heart soar A million miles away
Feeling alone Let down Hurt Misunderstood Unloved Ready to cry at any given moment Just wanna be hugged, and loved , and held , and asked are you ok I cry at the most random moments
Sometimes certain situations are just so hard to deal with, other situations are easy, but the hard ones teach you a lesson in life, weather its for the worst or the better.
dam valentines is already hear for real cuz i need more then a day to show you how i feel i remember the first day that we met u had a ponytail n u was wearin sweats I thought to myself you look kinda cute
You walk down the street and people know For advice to you they can go You're smart and honest and honestly kind A greater friend no one could find You care and you give By the way that you live
I often look to the yellow lillies in the garden on campus Friends pass me and time shifts Is it not the success that people want? Or perhaps it's the driven motive in which we attempt to strive Unjust it truly is,
Character is something that is fought for, not developed in a single day, not won in a single fight. Character is born when you place the persons of others above yourself in the realization of their importance.
Sometimes we have to leave The ones we though we loved Behind In hopes of finding the one We’ve been searching for all along
No one knows her story like I do so let's see if you can understand it too.
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I care so much it hurts.. Deep inside my heart, And now my eyes are open Because we are apart, This world is fading. It is turning dark. My bright world of smiles, Has begun to fall apart.
You tell me I'm no good With every word I say Everything comes out lies, betrayal, and trust including your own friends would say those things Have you seen the things I've done? No.
I am not the knight you seek, I have no armor, dull or sleek. I don't have the shining hair, the flowing speech, the noble air. I only have this humble heart, Which I would give, at whisper's start.
Pain inside, Dripping down from me like a poisonous surprise, Why does my heart keep beating, When all things lovable seem to be fleeting. Oh joy, the gracious sunrise has come to take me home,
Fat, is just a word It does not have to be absurd Fat is just a word Food is just a thing Some people like it more than others He looks at me, like I'm disgusting That guy on the street
Graveyard for the living Is what I saw that day. Reeked of death and decay. Gray and dank, each tomb filled With two or three dead ones. The tombstones: poorly cut Typed names, easily switched
Last days for Dad, I wasn't really glad, So naive and harsh, Mom told me, "I'm done." "As we change, we're going to have fun." I sat in the car with relief and despair,
I was tried of it all The profanity The abuse The lies I told My caring parents I though I couldn’t do anything But when all of the above Came into one I had to do something
When I read, their tearful words appear to echo in my mind. When I listen softly, Their desperation clings to my soul. When I ponder, Their fate may rest with my words.
I was appealed by your appearance not gone lie i was intrigued by you but could you keep me played my cards right i had a full house but i guess you held the out roses left at my door step again
I remember the days When a ponytail was good enough When contacts were for Sundays And makeup was only for special occasions
I am mommy I am sister I am BFF I am your snuggles And your cuddles I am the best The best maker Of food and crafts And fun The best everything Of anything For everyone
As you carry me in your arms holding my tight and close keeping me away from harm your smile and your charm your soft cream skin hair so thin it try to escape within the wind your eyes glazes like a star
(poems go here) I laid on her like paper did to rock and suddenly we both refused to shoot out what exactly it is that sizer through our layers of mentally striped blue margins,
This chaos is so crazy Never would I have thought A friend could be so messy The things he's planned Are so morbid and absurd his hate is as abundant as the sand
Red, the color of passion Red, the color of hate Red, the color of pure blood Red, the color of a curse Outcasted by the world, His body is my hearse 
Abstinance to Prevent Teen Pregnancy The practice of refraining from sexual activity for psychological, social or reasons religiously. Psychologically, you prevent the possibility of pregnancy, STDs, and extra responsibilities.
I walk along the quiet beach, Soft, white sand beneath my toes. My mind is empty, void of thought Except of seashells on the ground.
Think before you do it Think before you risk everything Yeah he’s cute And he has a great smile But think before you do it There’s always a chance you will not be respected
What inspires me is when you don't read, you refuse to look into a world that I'm forced to perceive. What inspires me is when i sit here and bleed, lay here and shed tears, cry, cry and plead
Even though you hate me I continuously look back to see if you miss me You spread your hatred for me to anyone who will listen You plaster your loathing for me so loudly that it's hard to ignore
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