I Laid with You in a Field

Sun, 09/14/2014 - 14:55 -- Skoves
I laid with you in a field
A field full of memories 
This is the field I have run through half naked
Peed on trees 
Played loads of games.
But on this night 
In this field
It is just you and I 
A blanket beneathe us
Your arms round my frame
Your smile encasing my vision, like the amphitheater of stars above us
Glimmering at me
I felt warmth 
Your warmth
On my flesh,
Lips, arms, neck
And I was in this universe 
With you
Together we made sense 
Cashing in our thoughts 
Exchanging them with one another
Piling our penny ideas between us
Realizing that together
We were worth 


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