If I could warn myself

Dear Laina,

you’re in first grade.

You’re journey hasn’t started

but it will when you are eight.


you’ll be in 3rd grade,

you’re brother will be 2.

This is the year your family decides to move.


This isn’t the first time,

nor the last.

Although this is the most major change on your path.


My advice to you:

Be careful, be smart

dont lose yourself, that’s a start.


Be kind, Be caring.

Think things through.

One day your parents won’t be with you.


Dont second guess yourself, 

don’t worry or fret.

The road won’t be easy, that’s a sure bet.


You’re young now

be a child while you can.

in a few years, 

there’ll be a change in plans.


You’ll grow up quick,

right before your eyes. 

You’ll have to take care of your siblings,

make sure they don’t cry.


Make sure they don’t see, 

what’s behind the door 

make sure they aren’t the ones sleeping on the floor


It’ll be hard,

and I’m sorry for that,

maybe one day you’ll come back.

see old friends, tie loose ends,

maybe see mom and dad again.



This poem is about: 
My family


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