I Wish I Had Held Your Hand

Hey little brother, I watched you grow before my very eyes

I tried to protect you and your little heart from the lies

I think back to when you were 5 and my tears flow

The things that were going on, how could you know?

You always looked up to me, if I could go back I’d hold your hand

Now I’m looking up to you, you’re already a man

If I had known what I know now, I would have fought to my last breath

To give you the life you deserve, and I wouldn’t stand for less

The sadness in your little face cuts my heart to pieces

They’d tell us to be strong and you’d look at me and say he is

You were so scared you’d run after me wherever I’d go

But I’d push you away so that I could be alone

If I had another chance I swear I’d be better because I understand

You were just a child and you had no one to hold your hand

Brother I’m so sorry can I ask that you forgive me

It hurts every time I leave you, I just wish that you were with me

Because every time I leave, I can’t help but to remember

The look on your face when Mom left in December

You were so lost, you’d look around with eyes full of confusion

No kid should ever have to be in the places that you’ve been

After that you’d copy every little thing that I would do

And I’d get so mad, I just wish I’d been worthy of you

If only I were stronger, and If only I was smarter

I would have made sure that you didn’t grow up without a father

I wouldn’t have been afraid to defend you against their words

I would have squared my shoulder and carried all of the hurt

I wouldn’t have listened to and cared what they said

I would have covered you and took the abuse instead

The times you were caught lying because you were scared

I should have stood in front of you I should have been there

All that pain gone now, all those times past

Once you were a child but you grew up so fast

I love you brother and I hope you understand

Just how much I wish that I had held your hand

This poem is about: 
My family


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