"What about me?"


I bleed everyday and wonder if it’s worth the pain.
They say grow up, you’ll be out of the phase soon,
but what if it isn’t just a phase what if its just an everyday thing.
Everyone tells you to just grow up and stop acting like a kid,
thats not just a thing to get over,
what if I just went off the grid?
They say "beauty is pain" but what if i dont want beauty
and to be made of plastic because that’s what they all are,
just fake and plastic. What if i want to be ugly and have a life,
but it doesn’t really matter because you see me with it everyday,
but you say its just a knife.
That knife slowly cuts my heart open everyday and you see the pain.
It’s a really hard thing to maintain, obtain, and contain
but of course you wouldn’t understand when I try to explain.
I try to wonder who will be there or not because
some people just want to be forgot.
I don’t know what to say, and I don’t care what you want me to do,
but I’ll just fade away and stay for just one more day.
I try to help everyone out over and over,
but would they do the same for me?
Your always doing something weird or just trying to be like grover.
No one cares for me like I do for them,
so why should I care about how I make them feel?
It’s always gonna be in three parts like the letter m.
I wonder everyday if i was ever going to be free,
because I think to myself “ what about me?”

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