Arms that surrender, and a heart that is tender

Sat, 11/04/2017 - 15:57 -- Nana00w

It is because I love you,  that these very things I do are all for you.

When the lights are dim and your watery eyes too unfocused to see what is right before you

It is because I love you that I hold you tight in times of need, in times of struggle and it is times like these that feel like a

breeze, sudden and sweeping me off of my feet. 

To be humble, I say these words to you and wrap these arms like warm blankets around you, because you are worth loving.

It should not be about the money nor the materialistic things, but the comfort that stands like a house through an unsettling storm, flooding and overflowing yet at peace when in the arms of your beloved.

Harsh words that are sharp as silver should never be condoned, for you are far more precious than rubies and should be treated as so!

Whether it be your service for others, your friends or your family

The words "because I love you" should never be used in the context where you expect to gain, but out of the tenderness of your heart and arms that surrender.

Nothing more, nothing less. Its because I love you that I surrender.

If you've forgotten the word love, never forget how love has made you feel. A pure emotion sometimes hard to spill. 

Not because of what's been forced, but what is given freely and reassured to you and for you. Not because "I did this" and " I did that" so you can repay me, but because I love you with all that's within me.


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