We All Exist


Hello, I am here to share something

that hopefully is not new

but its good to understand

that they suffer too.


There is a little something like racism

that no one cares about, nearly as much

but these problems still exist

and should be treated just as such

Humanity has a nasty problem

they like to think

they are superior to others

why is that I wonder.

don’t we all have mothers?


Every living thing

has the right to be free from pain

and not to be forced, under the chain

every living thing

has the right to be left alone

and yet we insist, on making it all they have known


We all inhabit the same planet

but don’t act neighborly in the slightest

well to that I say, may all your gods damn it

Would you take your neighbors children and lock them up tight?

So they could never spread their wings or dare take flight?

Imagine having to live in your own filth day in and day out

where you defecate is where you live your only fate

a fate that only ever has one ending

you were born to die, and not just to die

but have your remains disrespected, torn to shreds, and picked apart

168 million corpses laid out per week

some don’t even make it past day one


A subject perhaps, we all know well

Where people were paraded into camps to dwell

that still happens but on a much larger scale

tell me why one was socially, morally, and lawfully wrong

and why one still continues because it’s expected and “belongs”


sentience is defined as the ability to feel, perceive, or to experience subjectivity

and sometimes just as being aware


there’s a certain amount of life we share with everyone and everything

you’d think that connection would make it easier to relate

like, “hey! i’m made out of the same three subatomic materials you are! lets be friends!”

or maybe we’d finally realize that there’s nothing separating us from the books we read or the dust we see

what makes us different are the patterns we’re arranged in

thats a universal truth we never seem to think about, instead we look at all the impressions

the way someone looks, the color of their skin or hair, or what species they are

we see what makes us different


but what about those things that make us the same

all those electrons, all that energy

or perhaps just the fact that we all have stories

the faces that pass you by are more than just faces

and somewhere along the way we all begin to think that its only ourselves that matter

that even though a rat has the same desires for good health and companionship

we still just look at it as a lesser being, as a gross little creature with a gross little tail

Never for a moment do we think that all these things had mothers who had their own desires to protect their children and provide them the good health and companionship they have the rights to


we lost what it means for all of us inhabiting the earth

we lost track of the others around us

its not hard to shed light on ignorance, it just takes the right amount of desire for education


the universal right to exist and the universal right to be left alone in that existence

are the two most important things to know when sympathizing and respecting other forms of sentience


everything thats aware of their surroundings in some form

the thing that makes us alive

and allows us to see beauty

and to feel pain

and to love and be loved by any member of any species


it all takes a certain amount of compassion



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