Breaking the Cycle


Did you know that if you stop and look,
Open your eyes and take in the sight,
That everything comes to light?
The darkness,
The loss,
The despair,
The woman over there is lost,
That man is withering,
A child is crying,
And yet… you keep walking.
You don’t stop and see,
You don’t open your eyes,
Look away from your selfish paradise.
Are you too afraid to fall,
To learn,
To feel?
Is consideration, compassion, a disease?
She’s on the edge,
He’s lost his mind,
That child is drowning in isolation.
She’s lost her job,
He’s lost his life,
And that child has lost its way.
They need a hand but you’ve gone too far,
Left them alone to battle a world unkind.
Yet you don’t care,
Because you’re too caught up in your world,
Too caught up in the Facebook,
How many likes,
How many pins,
How many tweets and followers,
Dear Lord, it never ends!
Too stuck in your ways,
Of an arrogant mind,
With a distant heart,
With a silent tongue,
To take a chance,
To save a life.
It’s all because of you.
She became sick and silent, never to be heard of again.
He said his goodbyes, didn’t last another day.
And the child became just like you.
Dear Lord, it never ends…

You must open your eyes before it’s too late.
Break the cycle.


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