The sleeping Giant


We all witnessed the sweat rolliing down Miss Liberty's head/ when she found out the sleeping giant is no longer sleeping dead/ The Giant/slept with nightmares for over 200 years/ but the giant cannot be awaken by only one peer/ when we marched a million plus i heard the giant yawn/ but as the murder rate rose in Chicago/ the giant became as useless as a pawn/ theres only one way to awaken him/ but instead we'd rather kill each other and make fun/ the sleeping giant full of ideas, adventure, knowledge, and ambition/ will continue to sleep because the father figures are missing/ the gangs have taken over and pre teens are kissing/ not even a girl yet, but trying to become a lady/ her baby's grandmother was underage, and now she has a baby/ The Lord giveth as well as taketh away/ but I refuse to let all my people get led astray.



please give me feedback


please give me feedback.

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