And I not yours

you are not my first love, for i have loved before.

sometimes i wish it were not true, for then i would be able to hold you higher due to not knowing the pain that is caused by love. 

but then i think of those, whom with their first love, go through life without that pain.

or possibly no knowledge of what else there is.

if i was not in this position, of knowing what can happen, would i love you more?

i think not. 

for you still have my intense crazy love.

even with less blinders on, i still love you everyday.

i don't have to hide myself from you, and thanks to that i am able to experience my full self and have learned to love the person i am.

your love has helped me through difficult times, and helped me see the light within myself during good and bad. 

you ground me.

you make me think of myself more fully.

you don't judge me, or make me feel bad.

you have pushed me to be more, and to be better. 

and no i'm not your first love, but i feel so loved by you.

i do not want you to forget your past, i just want to be in your future.

i will be here to uplift you, in all endeavors.

here to lean on, in times of anguish.

here to love you, with all that i have.

so that you may become the best you can be, so that you may be the happiest you can be.

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