Cold Christmas Day

(Businessman Perspective)

Cold and hungry as I tried to find a place to rest,

I finally see a small warm cafe at the end of the road.

I started to jog and cross my arms in front of my chest,

To keep me warm from the drifting snow.


When I reached the shop,

I saw a homeless man,

Sleeping next to a bus stop,

Near a trash can.


(Waitress  Perspective)

I heard the door bells jingling

As a wealthy man walked in.

I asked “How are you doing?

May I take your order?” with a small polite grin.


“I’d like 2 coffees and 2 croissants,” he said.

I wonder who he’s sharing that with.

I handed him his food and change

And the man quickly fled.


 (Homeless Man Perspective)

I woke up when I heard the sound,

Of shoes crunch on the snow below.

I slowly sit up on the ground,

As I heard a man’s voice say hello.


He was holding food,

And I haven’t eaten in days.

I wonder what he wants from me,

On this cold Christmas day.


The man handed me a coffee and croissant,

And gave me a genuine warm smile.

“You looked like you were cold and needed a friend,

And that you haven’t eaten in a while.”


The man sat down next to me,

And started to talk about the weather,

This was the nicest thing that someone has ever done to me,

This was the best Christmas ever.


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