Take My Hand


Take my hand, sweet child of mine

And let me guide the way.

Just wrap your hand around my fingers

And hear what I must say.

Listen close to what I speak

And I’ll show you how life is true.

I’ll get you through the good and the bad,

That’s what I’m here to do.


Take my hand, sweet child of mine,

And open your sweet ears.

Know that I will save you,

Know that I am here.

I will get you away from here,

I’ll protect you with my life.

I’ll carry you for miles on my back

Just to free you of your strife.


Take my hand, sweet child of mine

And eat the food that I give.

Your bones do show and it breaks my heart

That this is how you live.

I promise to take this pain away,

And I’ll feed you till you’re full.

Your bones, soon, will no longer show.

And my leftovers won’t go to the gulls.


Grasp my hand, sweet child of mine,

And don’t ever let it go.

I see the fear within your eyes

And it’s okay to let it show.

Know that I am carrying you

On my back for miles.

And that, soon, you’ll be safe

And you’ll near the end of your trials.


Know my hand, sweet child of mine,

Know it as your own.

Know that I care deeply for you

And the broken pieces I’ve sewn.

Close to me I hold you tight

And let you rest in peace.

For peace is something you’ve never known

Since you live with hell as the streets.


Own my hand, sweet child of mine,

I’ve made this hand your savior.

This hand has brought you so far along

And it’s made you my precious daughter.

From the streets of hell I’ve taken you,

From the starvation you did once know.

You now live happily in my home with my family

And you’re strength is starting to grow.


Rest on my hand sweet child of mine

For this hand will support your head.

My darling I’ll care, for the rest of your life,

Until the day you are dead.

And the day, my child, you rest your head,

You’ll go to Heaven and say

To God that your hands, your little hands,

Are the hands you used to pray.


The hands you prayed with, sweet child of mine,

For a knight to save your life.

And finally one with grateful hands came along

And ended your dreadful strife.

These hands that ended your sacred hell

Were the hands you held for so long.

These hands did guide you through life’s wonders

And through all of life’s wrong.


Never forget these hands, sweet child,

Sweet, sweet child of mine.

These hands will always be yours to hold

From now to the end of time.


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