When She Chooses to Love

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 05:34 -- Creator

Her love serves 

Down her heart’s nerves are nerves

In sweet redemption and reflection 

Heaven makes their re-election 

Oh, sweet help.

Nature is turned on

I love a chance for breathing 

Cold objectives 

Candy decency


Down the sphere of shale and shares 

Her doubts will standby 

Watching tips of her effrontery

Reading her anti-clockwise rotating faith 

Down tough roofs 

porous porches and quick sensitivity 

Day by day

Dates are busy in care

Easy on her for her good.


In a complicated comparison of life

Being a patient keeping cold worlds warm 

in their cold wars

Oh, what a bride of love 

A reflection of Love’s pride 

Transitioning the future 

In Universal institutional knowledge

Year by year 

in the safety of breathing seconds. 


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Our world
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