I thought you should know


To Nina.:)

The voice that resonates in my heart is beautiful
Like your image, I jealously protect it from the world
Lost in unreachable dreams of belonging to you.
Though all I know of you is this.
In my mind, we have always been here, holding hands.
I watched the sunrise as I brushed the hair from your
face this morning.
I have never seen anything so amazing.
You left today and I watched the hours pass.
The feel of your skin is soothing to a troubled mind, 
the smell on your clothes sustains me.
You are my Light, my reason and my song.
How worthy is someone so soft, so shaped.
You are the work of master craftsman, celebrated in 
their practice.
On my knees at your feet is where I belong.
Precious stone is not fitting around your fair neck
Finer things are wanting of you, to enhance their 
And I thought you should know...

This poem is about: 
My family


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