Journey For Two

I neither love nor care

what they say about me

I am my own 

and my own is me


I am the one who will 

decide where I go 


I am the one who is 

traveling this road


Why should I slow down

to the caution and warning

signs ahead?


Instead I'll speed through

and call this road life

Instead I'll listen to the hum

of not the background 

but of my own 

car that I drive


I'll ignore the pain 

all the burdens that 

I may soon bare

Instead I'll just drive

until no one is there


When the road starts curving 

I'll slide right alone

and when holes come up

I guess it will be a bumpy ride


But look here is

a passenger seat

just for you

I think this journey 

would be better spent

if there were two 


Who said my road had to be

traveled all alone?

I never made that rule- 

and neither should you

someone has to keep you awake

till the end of your journey

and hold the map

so that you don't get lost

and of course be on the look out

for those good roadside

coffee stops

This poem is about: 
My family


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