There and Back

There can only be one opinion, right?


“Because I love you.”

These are the precious words:

Full of hope, promises, and happiness,

Or, at least, it’s what they say.

Too many are too quick to use them.

Too soon are the words said.

Too few hear the sincerity.

If they loved you as much as you did them -

The pain would not be here

If what they say of love is true.

And people would give more than they receive,

Would aid those in times of trouble.

Would give their partners the world,

But too few

Can do it.

Many say that they

Are there.

Many assure their partner that they

Are beautiful.

That they are great.

That their flaws are part of their perfection.

It is important to remember

That they are always there, but

It is impossible

For that to be true.

There cannot be any love

And if what they say is right,

No longer will you be their world,

Instead a shadow replaces the light.

Some ask if the happiness will diminish;

That it will all turn to naught?

Can it be

Really true?

Always so quickly spoken,

Full of hate, deceit, and lies,

Are the poisonous words:

“Because I love you.”


Now, read the poem backwards for a different side to the story.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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