Angel My Angel

Angel My Angel


            Spread far and thin

            Across the oceans of time

            Land, sea and sky

            Hear my rejoicing cry


            Feel my breezy air

            Brush against your smooth, gently hair

            See my glow through your diamond eyes

            Find my beat within your heart


            My brilliant young lady

            So much future inside

            Holding doors of destiny

            Competent, exemplary, fantastic


            Your mind and soul

            Tranquil, with creativity and astonishment

            Hand crafted through broken tears

            Pain that was delivered through suffering


            Untouchable, ungraspable, yet felt like so

            You arose through the embers

            Beautiful beyond comprehension

            Holding fate


            A savior of your own life

            While I whirl around you

            Your blanket of warmth

            A shield, a hope, a loving family


            Glamorous as you are

            I watch over you

            One of GODs blessed

            Angel my Angel 


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